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Wuyi Mountain
By admin on 2015-03-04

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Located at the junction of north Fujian and Jiangxi Provinces, Wuyi Mountain is among the first group pf China's top tourist cities. In December 1999, Wuyi Mountain was listed as the World's natural and cultural heritage by the UNESCO.

With a pleasant climate, fascinating scenery, abundant products, time-honored history and rich tourism resources, Wuyishan is a famous tea, grain and timber production center in China. As early as the Western Zhou Dynasty (1100-771 BC), Wuyishan was well-known for its places of scenic and historical interests.


Great King Peak

Located at the outlet of Nine-bend Stream, Great King Peak is surrounded by precipices, and tourists can only climb up with the help of a ladder in a crack between two rocks in the south. A path leads to the top after passing through the ladder. There are several tourist attractions at the peak, such as Tianjian Pool, Toulong Cave, Crane Rock and the site of Shengzhen Taoist Temple. In the shape of a gauze cap, it is also called Gauze Cap Peak. In the Song Dynasty, a story about the Great King and Jade Maiden was spread far and wide. Since then the peak has become the symbol of the Great King, hence the name.


Tianyou Peak 

Located in the central part of Wuyi Mountain, Tianyou Peak, 410 meters above the sea level, is surrounded by Nine-bend Stream on three sides. Standing at the top of Tianyou Peak, visitors can have a panoramic view of Mt. Wuyishan and the sea of clouds after rain or at dawn. Huma Mountain Stream at the top runs down directly from the peak, looking like a piece of white silk, hence the name of snow flake spring, which is a wonder in the mountain.


Maiden Peak

In the shape of a pretty girl, Maiden Peak stands to the south od Nine-bend Stream and Two-bend Stream. It faces Great King Peak across the stream, with the Iron Slab Peak in the middle. At the foot of Maiden Peak lies Yuxiang Pond, which has a seal stone in it. Legend has that the seal stone was a token of love given by the Great King to Maiden. On the eastern side of Maiden Peak lies a round rock in the shape of a mirror.


Nine-bend Stream

Nine-bend Stream originates from the southern foot of Huanghang Mountain, flows to Wuyi Mountain via Star Village with nine bends and converges into Chong Stream in front of Wuyi Palace. Nine-bend Stream flows from west to east, each bend having its own unique landscape, and the water is so clear that the stone at the bottom can be seen. Along the winding stream, there are tranquil and secluded scenic spots, shoals and deep pools. One can float on a bamboo raft downstream from Star Village, or do drifting against the current from Wuyi Palace.


Wuyi Palace

Wuyi Palace located at the mouth of Nine-bend Stream was first constructed in the Tang Dynasty, and now preserves two Dragon wells, Wannian Palace and Sanqing Hall. At present, Wannian Palace serves as the memorial hall of Zhu Xi, and grows to sweet-scented osmanthus trees in the courtyard with over 1,000 years history, known as 'king of sweet-scented osmanthus trees'. Now International Orchid College is located in Sanqing Hall, which holds four tables. The Song Dynasty Street which is 300-meter long starts from Memorial Hall of Zhu Xi, and passes by some historical sites, such as stone memorial archway, Sanqing Hall and Ancestor Peng's Mountain House. Close to Song Dynasty Street, one can find the Mount Wuyi Villa and Manting Mountain House, showing the unique design style.

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