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About application
By sally on 2017-12-29

About application


1. Q: What’s the process of the application on CUECC?

   A: Application way 1: send your documents to one of our counsellors:







(1) collecting the documents

(2) assessing the documents by the teacher

(3)if you are qualified , you will get the admission letter. then go to (4) if you failed, then you can change to apply another school. then go back to (1).

(4) after get the admission letter, you need pay the application fee to let teacher make and send JW202 to you.

(5)send the JW202 and original admission letter to you.


Application way 2: online application

Step1: fill in online application form

Step2: upload required application materials

Step3: make payment of application fee

Step4: submit your application to the university


2. Q: If I don’t finish the online application and close the webpage, will my information be saved?

  A: You need to click “submit” after you finish every step during the application. If not, the information will not be saved.


3. Q: If I can apply for more than one university or more than one major at the same time?

  A: Yes, but it’s better no more than three.


4. Q: How to pay application fee?

   A: First submit your application and after CUECC check your documents, you will receive our email about that.


5. Q: After I submit the application online, how long will I receive the feedback from CUECC?

   A: Within 7 work days you will receive our feedback.


6. Q: If I can cancel the application after I submit it?

   A: Yes. Before the payment, you can cancel your application at any time.


7. Q: How can I know my application process?

   A: Please login our website ( to check the update status.


8. Q: How can I know whether I am accepted by school or not?

   A: If you are accepted by school, we will send you admission notice to your email. After 1-3 weeks, we will send you JW202.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!






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