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Seated in the west of Shandong Province, Liaocheng witnesses the meeting of Hebei, Shandong and Henan Province. It covers a total area of 8715 square kilometers and sees a population of 5.61million, enjoys uinque geographical and preferential fundamental conditions, has convinent transportation and rich resources and rapid economic development.


Liaocheng is the charming Water City North of the Yangtze. Within the setablished urban area water coverage reaches 13 square kilometers, taking up one third of the urban area of 39 square kilometers.The number of rivers with various sizes roars over 30. The Yellow River-Mother of Chinese civilization-and the Grand Canal linger through the city. The five-square-kilometers Dongchang Lake ranks the biggest urban lake north of the Yangtze. The lake and city zone depend on and lean close to each other, forming a unique water city pattern and features of “lake in city, city in lake, city, river, and lake in one”. Even more scenery charms are mushrooming, such as Peal of Wather City ( a grand theater ) .

As a renowned state-level historic and cultural city, Liaocheng observes a history of 2,500 years and abundant man-made sights. Such as Guangyue Pavilion of Ming Dynasty, one of the three most famous pavilion; the iron Tower of Song Dynasty, one of the “Three Treasures of Liaocheng”; Shan-Shaan Guildhall of Qing Dynasty, Haiyuan Pavilion, one of the biggest private libraries in Qing Dynasty.

Liaocheng is a place propitious for giving birth to great men . Famous literary masters and military strategists include Sun Bin ( a militarist in Warring States Period ), Cheng Wuji ( medical master in Song Dynasty ), Fu Sinian ( a scholar with due reputation ), Li kuchan ( master of traditional Chinese painting ), and Ji Xianlin ( master of studies of Chinese ancient civilization ).

The charming Water City North of Yangtze welcomes you !

The open-armed city of Liaocheng welcomes you !

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