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University of Science and Technology Liaoning
Zone:North East
Address:185 qianshan zhong road, anshan, liaoning ,China
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1948
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
One of China’s Earliest Metallurgical Higher Institutions; A National Comprehensive University with A Main Focus on Technology; 12 Provincial Level Key Subjects and 8 Provincial Level Key Laboratories; A number of Job Opportunities.
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University Profile

The university was originally conceived in 1948 as the Anshan Institute of Iron and Steel, (simplified Chinese; traditional Chinese: ). [1]

In 1958, the university was established as Anshan Institute of Iron and Steel Technology (AIIST) and placed under the administration of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry of the Chinese central government.

In 1994, the Anshan Advanced Vocational College was merged into AIIST.

1998, the oversight of AIIST was transferred from Ministry of Metallurgical Industry to the government of Liaoning Province.

1999, Liaoning College of Food Industry, Liaoning College of Metallurgical Industry and Liaoning College of Construction Material Industry and their campuses were incorporated into AIIST.

In 2002, AIIST changed its name to Anshan University of Science and Technology (ASUST).

The university took on its current name from 2006 when the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China approved the restructure of Anshan University of Science and Technology to University of Science and Technology Liaoning.