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Nanchang University
Zone:East China
Address:No.339 East Beijing Road, NANCHANG 330029
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1940
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
Nanchang University was established in 1940 in the name of its original predecessor ─ Zhongzheng University. In recognition of NCUs excellence in both education and research, the Chinese Ministry of Education officially admitted Nanchang University into the national “211 Project” in 1997. In 2004, the Chinese Ministry of Education signed an agreement with Jiangxi Provincial government affiliating Nanchang University with both the Ministry of Education and Jiangxi Provincial government. NCU entered a new era of development when it merged with Jiangxi Medical College in August 2005 making it a comprehensive university, offering undergraduate and graduate courses encompassing virtually all-academic disciplines. Nanchang University also established International Exchange College that specializes in Chinese study and degree programs for international students. And the new international students complex was just put into use. Nanchang University is always open to international students from all over the world.
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University Profile

        As one of the bases of international study in China with foreign governmental scholarship, Nanchang University, the key comprehensive provincial institution, listed as a key constructive subject of national "211 Project", is located in Nanchang, the beautiful capital city of JiangxiProvince. It is authorized by the Ministry of Education of China to enroll Chinese Government Scholarship students and one of the bases of international study in China with foreign government scholarships (articulated programs). Nanchang University, initially namedas NationalChungChengUniversity, was founded in 1940. In May of 1993, Nanchang University was established by the combination of JiangxiUniversity and JiangxiPolytechnicUniversity. In December of 2004, an agreement was signed by the Ministry of Education of China and the provincial government of Jiangxi to co-manage Nanchang University. In August of 2005, the university merged with the JiangxiMedicalCollege to become today’s Nanchang University.