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Fujian Medical University
Zone:East China
Address:No.1 Xueyuan Rd, Shangjie Minhou FUZHOU 350004
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1937
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
Fujian Medical University was faounded 1937, whose precursor was Fujian provincial Medical Vocational school. The name of the school was changed to Fujian Provincial Medical college in 1939 and was called Fujian Medical College in 1949. In 1969 after it was merged with Fujian Chinese Traditional Medical College and medical department of Overseas Chinese University, Fujian Medical University was founded and moved to Quanzhou, Fujian. It was moved back to Fuzhou in 1978. The name of the school was changed to Fujian Medical College in 1982, and then changed to the present name in April 1996. There are 2campuses belong to the University, which covers about 876,710 square meters. Currently, the University consists of 17 college and departments,22 undergraduate majorsI(aspects), 22 doctor-degree locations and 59 master-degree locations. It was conferrde the right to recruit Taiwan students by itself and the students from foreign countries, Hong Kong and Macao. There are more then 1600 postgraduates,9300 undergradutes and 8700 vocational students. The school was affirmed as the key constructive university by Fujian Provincial Government and passed through the teaching evaluation of undergraduate education with good achievements in 2003. There are over 5304 stuff members on post,among which there are over 736 teachers on campus. Among the professional teachers,56% possess the postgraduate degree and 55.2% are on the senior professional posts. Threre are 60PhD tutors, 469 tutors for master students,4 national outstanding specialists,100 sharing the special subsidy of the state council,3 outstanding specialists of Health Ministry and 16 provincial outstanding specialists. The University has 8 affiliated hospitals, 24 teaching hospitals (including 2 clinical colleges) and more then 20 professional teaching bases. A flawless net of clinical teaching and practical teaching base has been formed. The Unversity library has collection of 1,430,000 volumes, and with the space of 25600 square meters. The University has 1 research site of postdoctoral, 65 bases for drug clinical trial of the state, 13 provincial key coures, 8 preferable developer courses of provincial science and technology committee,6 school key courses, 6 provincial key medical specialties, 5 provincial top medicine-character specialties and 3 provincial key laboratories, which are undertaking huge scientific tasks with remarkable achievements. Since 2001, over 100 itmes achievements in scientific research have been giver kinds of award. More than 5,500 papers have been published, among which 86 ones are recorded in SCI.45 academic works have been issued as well. The University has established the the cooperative of scientific research and talents training with the universities and medcial research instiyuyes from the United State, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Australia, Canada and so on. In 5 years, more than 160 groups/700 people from the United States, Japan, etc. Have visited the University, giving lectures and the carrying out other academic activies. More than 20 overseas alumni are engaged the posts in colleges, departments and research institutes, 110 experts and alumni are engaged as the guest professors. The University is keeping the developing way of over-normal order and stridingacross, in order to run the University as the moderated-running scale, reasonable running composition, high-running level and with actual strengh. It will being emphasis on the education of normal subjects to speed the education of postgraduates and long-term system. It will be formed as a provincial key university foucusing on medicine, developing science, management and law ect. In proporyion. The univeisity will turn into the main base of training hihg-level medcial talents, the center of medcial scientific research and medcial treatment service of both side of the channel. It will reach the general level to the advanced one among the same kingds of universities.
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University Profile
Fujian Medical University (FMU) was founded in 1937. With its educational standards of Diligence, Precision, Factualism and Innovation, for over 75 years, it has developed an integral educational system offering bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degree programs. Now it consists of two campuses in Shangjie and Taijiang, covering an area of approximately 87 hectares with a floor space of 400,000 square meters.
The University currently provides 20 bachelor’s programs, and confers doctoral degrees and master’s degrees which cover Biology, Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Stomology, Public Health, Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Social Medicine and Health Care Management. The University has a full-time enrollment of 12,000 undergraduates, and over 2,400 postgraduates and doctoral students.
Now FMU’s 423 professors and chief physicians, along with 582 associate professors and associate chief physicians, make part of its faculty members and medical personnel totaling up to 5,279, in which there are 533 master’s and doctoral supervisors. Our network of 15 affiliated hospitals (including schools of clinical medicine) and 28 teaching hospitals affords outstanding clinical teaching programs and training opportunities for medical students.

FMU is authorized by Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China to recruit the students from the foreign countries. The students from the entire world are welcome to study in Fujian Medical University.