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Specialties Programs
Applicants should be in good health and also abide by the laws of the Chinese Government and the regulations of Ili Teacher’s College. Age limit: 16—55 years old.
1. Kazak language 、Kazak language and literature
2. Uygur language、Uygur language and literature
3. Chinese language、Chinese language and literature
4. Xibo language
5. Tourism
Applicants, who would like to select undergraduate’s specialties, can apply for studying these according to the brief introduction.
3、Length of Courses
Short-term programmed students: 1-5 months
General and language students: 1-2 years
Senior advanced students: 1 year
1. Class hours: 12 hours per week.
2. According to the curriculums there will be some outdoor activities.
3. Students who have successfully completed their studies and passed all the examinations will be given a relevant study certificate or a certificate of graduation.
Address: Foreign Affairs Office Ili Teacher’s College 298, Jiefang Road, Yining 835000 Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People’s Republic of China
Tel: +86-571-88165512   Fax: +86-571-88165698 Contact: Dai Ming,Gu li dan
Website: http://www.study-in-china.org/School/Xinjiang/yltc/   Email:    admission@126.com