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Programs for Undergraduates (4 years)

Programs for Graduate Students (3 years)

School of Literature

Chinese Language and Literature﹡; Television & Broadcast Journalism ; Secretarial Education﹡

Curriculum & Teaching Methodology; Theory of Literature and Art﹡; Ancient Chinese Classical Literature﹡; Contemporary/ Ancient Chinese Literature﹡; Chinese Philology﹡

School of Business

Economics & Law; Business Administration; International Economy & Trade

Industrial Economics; National Economics

School of Politics and Marxism

Ideological and Political Education; Philosophy﹡

Scientific Socialism & International Communism; International Politics; Basic Theories of Marxism; Marxism Study Abroad; Ideological and Political Education; Curriculum & Teaching Methodology

School of Law



School of History and Culture

History﹡; Tourism Management

Curriculum & Teaching Methodology; History of Particular Subjects﹡; Ancient/ Modern Chinese History﹡; World History﹡

School of Foreign Languages

English; Japanese; Korean

Curriculum & Teaching Methodology; English Linguistics; Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

School of Pharmacy

Biological Pharmacy; Chemical Pharmacy


School of Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics & Applied Mathematics; Accounting Information & Computational Science

Curriculum & Teaching Methodology; Basic Mathematics; System Theory; Applied Mathematics

School of Physics Science & Information Engineering

Physics; Electronic Information & Engineering; Safety Engineering; Communication Engineering; Electronic Information Science & Technology

Curriculum & Teaching Methodology; Optics; Communication & Information System; Physical Electronics; Condensed Matter Physics

School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

Chemistry; Chemical Engineering & Technics; Applied Chemistry

Curriculum & Teaching Methodology; Analytical Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Polymer Chemistry & Physics

School of Materials Science & Engineering

Material Chemistry; Materials Science & Engineering

Material Physics & Chemistry

School of Life Science

Biological Science; Biological Engineering

Cell Biology; Botany; Curriculum & Teaching Methodology

School of Environment & Planning

Geographic Science; Environment and Resources & Urban and Rural Planning; Geographical Information System; Environmental Science

Physical Geography; Curriculum & Teaching Methodology

School of Education Science

Education; Primary Education; Public Administration; Applied Psychology

Curriculum & Teaching Methodology; Developmental & Educational Psychology; Principle of Pedagogy; Applied Psychology

School of Media Technology

Animation; Digital Media Art; Educational Technology; Radio & Television Editing & Directing

Educational Technology;Curriculum & Teaching Methodology

School of Computer Science

Computer Science & Technology; Information Management & Information System; Electronic Commerce; Software Engineering; Network Engineering

Software Engineering; Curriculum & Teaching Methodology

School of Physical Education

Physical Education; Social Sports; Athletic Training

Physical Education & Athletic Training; Curriculum & Teaching Methodology

School of Fine Arts

Fine Arts; Art & Design; Calligraphy; Animation Design

Art Science

School of Music

Music Science; Music Performance

Music Science

School of Management

Human Resource Management; Administration Management; Labor & Social Security

Labor Economics; Curriculum & Teaching Methodology

School of Agriculture

Horticulture; Veterinary Medicine; Animal Science; Plantation Protection; Gardening; Food Science & Engineering

Landscape Plant and Ornamental Horticulture

School of Automobile & Transportation Engineering

Mechanical Design, Manufacture and its Automation; Transportation; Automobile Service Engineering; Vehicle Engineering


School of Architecture & Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering



1. All above-mentioned programs are available to international students. For detailed information, please visit

2. The international students who want to learn Chinese literature, Chinese History and Chinese Philosophy (programs marked with ﹡in the above table) should pass HSK 6 or get over 180 in HSK 5 and those who want to learn other programs should pass HSK 3 or get over 180 in the new HSK test.

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