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Dalian is located at the southern end of Liaodong peninsula, overlooking the Yellow sea in the north, facing Bohai bay on the west, looking across the sea to the Shandong peninsula, and in the north leaning on the boundless Northeast plain. It is the sea gateway for north China. Dalian is an important seaport as well as the city of trade, industry and tourism. The area of Dalian occupies 12,574 sq.km with the coastline of 1, 906 km and a population of 5,90 million. It leans on mountains and is surrounded by the sea, it has four distinct seasons with mild winters and summers that are not extremely hot. The average temperature is 10,5 *C. Traffic in Dalian is convenient and the trade is booming. The production is abundant and it is rich in apples, hawthorns, strawberries, fresh fish, shells, oysters and other seafood. It is a beautiful coastal city in northeast China and one of the most famous Chinese cities for tourism.More...
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