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          Introduction of Dalian

Dalian is an important city mainly engaged in port, manufacture,trade and tourism and has a beautiful name as “North Pearl”. Dalian won the Global 500 in Environment issued by the UNEP in 2001 because of beautiful nature landscapes and humane environment. Dalian is an open international city、study city and increasingly becoming an important regional manufacture area and international navigation center、financial center、tourism center and information center. As if all of these are made-to-order for the young blood, it provides fresh experience and innovative chance. It is the best choice to learn knowledge and develop your business in Dalian.

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As well as other famous university of China, Dalian Business Institute always provides the fresh experience and innovative opportunity to every student, everything we have done is to build a bridge to reach success for students.

Gathered nearly 6000 students coming from 28 provinces of China, the autonomous region, municipality directly under the central government and other Asian and European countries. As your imagination, they are different with the background and personal experience such as race, skin color, nationality, religion, ect. but they created a united, vigorous and open individual character’s environment together.

Your college life is the greatest time in your whole life, when it finishes, it’s time to face the world for you.

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