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Brief Introduction of Gannan Normal University

    Gannan Normal University (GNU), founded in 1958, is a well-known comprehensive normal university in Jiangxi province. Entitled the qualification of awarding master degree, GNU has 16 Master-Degree Programs so far and it is the only teaching-training institute in the large bordering area among provinces of Jiangxi , Guandong , Fujian and Hunan . Since its foundation 48 years ago, the university has brought up more than 60,000 students who are working all over China and who are highly appreciated by society.

    GNU always holds the educational conception of Based-on-human, Work-for-quality and Service-for-society. It pursues the cultural environment of upholding true knowledge, encouraging progressive innovation, adoring academic research and seeking harmonious freedom in the campus. GNU insists on opening education and focuses on working for honored titles, seeking for excellent achievement and developing for vigorous competency. GNU advocates the schooling motto of "Be True Scholar in Academy and Do Fine Behavior in Morality? Teachers' education is the great mission to pass human historic cultural from generation to generation and to make wonderful future in the world. Success secret lies in vast learning, careful thinking, profound understanding, self practicing and fruitful working. The above two points are usually carried in all teaching activities to construct the campus atmosphere of teachers' culture, students' culture and administrative culture.

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