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Expenses (RMB)

Notes: All the expenses are paid in CNY. QUST reserves the right of final interpretation.

1. Chinese Language Learning Students:


Period of Instruction

Application Fee

Tuition Fee

Start Date

Long-term Chinese Language Program

One Semester

400 Yuan

7000 Yuan


Short-term Program 1

6 Weeks

300 Yuan

3350 Yuan

January/ July

Short-term Program 2

5 Weeks

300 Yuan

2900 Yuan

January/ July

Short-term Program 3

4 Weeks

300 Yuan

2450 Yuan


Short-term Program 4

3 Weeks

300 Yuan

2000 Yuan


Short-term Program 5

2 Weeks

300 Yuan

1600 Yuan


Notes: Short-term Program 1-5 means Chinese Language Learning Programs in winter or summer school.

2. Bachelor’s Degree & Master’s Degree & Doctoral Degree Students:


Student Type

Application Fee (CNY)

Liberal Arts /Economics & Management/per Year (CNY)

Science& Technology
/per Year (CNY)

Arts /per Year (CNY)


Start Date

Bachelor’s Degree

400 Yuan

17000 Yuan

18000 Yuan

20500 Yuan


Master’s Degree

400 Yuan

20500 Yuan

22800 Yuan

24600 Yuan


Doctoral Degree

400 Yuan


28600 Yuan




(1) There are two semesters per academic year. Chinese language learners can pay their tuition and lodging fees in cash by semester or academic year upon arrival. No tuition fees are refunded after the semester starts.

(2) Students from the universities and organizations which have agreements with QUST can pay their fees as per the corresponding agreements

3. Lodging: On the Laoshan Campus

Room Type

Rate (CNY)


Single rooms for long-term students

40 Yuan,35Yuan, 25 Yuan /day /room

TV, Telephone, Refrigerator, Heating, Furniture,
Bedding, Toilet and Shower, etc.

Single rooms for short-term students

80 Yuan,70 Yuan,50 Yuan / day/room

TV, Telephone, Refrigerator, Heating, Furniture,  
Bedding, Toilet and Shower, etc.

Notes: Students who stay in dormitory need to pay 500 Yuan deposit. If the room has not any damage, students will get refunded when checking out. In addition, the lodging fee is charged per semester. If students check out earlier, the lodging fee will not be refunded. If students stay in the dormitory for less than two months, they shall pay the same rate of lodging fee as “Single rooms for short-term students”.

4. Textbook: about 300 Yuan per semester.

5. Food: Students are responsible for their own food; students can have their meals in university cafeteria.