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There are 1070 members on the faculty, among which 668 are teachers and the number of professors and associate professors is 200, taking up 31.55% of full-time teachers. There are four teachers who enjoy special allowances from the State Council, five teachers who have got the prestige of Excellent National Teacher, Shaanxi Province Advanced Worker, Famous Teacher in Shaanxi Province, and Excellent Teacher in Shaanxi Province, eight teachers who enjoy the reputation......

1. Long-term Chinese Language Training Course.
(1) Full-time Course:
1) Duration of study:
    One semester minimum or more
2) Enrollment Time:
Admission Notice is available at any time: March for spring semester; Sept. for autumn semester
3) Curriculum Provision:
 Our College will offer different level Chinese language and culture training courses such as Intensive Chinese Reading, Extensive Chinese Reading, Listening, Speaking, Grammar and Writing,. Additionally we offer elective courses such as Chinese History and Culture, Chinese Musical Instruments, Music Theory and Practice, Fine Arts, Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, News Listening, Newspaper and Magazine Reading. 

(2) Night and Weekend Courses:
Start every spring and autumn, with the minimum study period set as one semester. Classes are given at night or during weekends. The curricula are programmed either the same as the full-time course or readjusted according to the specific needs and requirements of students. The schedule of classes is set according to the student’s needs and requirements, and the tuitions vary according to the hours of study.
(3) One-to-one Course (Private Individual Lessons)
The minimum study period is one semester. The tuition for one-to-one course is RNB 60/hour.
2. Short-term Chinese Language Training Course:
The curricula are programmed according to the specific needs and requirements of the student, and the tuitions vary according to the hours of study.
(1)Regular Short-term Course: The duration varies from 1 week to 12 weeks, and admission is available at any time.
(2)Vacation Course:

Summer Course:

Admission time is from mid-May to early August and duration of study is from 1 week to 12 weeks.
② Winter Course: Admission time is on early January and duration of study is from 1 week to 4 weeks.
(3) One-to-one Course (Private Individual Lessons):
The instruction is tailored to suit each individual student’s unique conditions and requirements in terms of the length, type and schedule of instruction and textbooks used. The tuition for one-to-one course is RMB 60 Yuan /hour.

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