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Xianyang Normal University is a province-owned university of Shaanxi Province focusing on undergraduate teachers-training, which is located in the historically and culturally famous city — the City of Xianyang. Founded in May 1978, Xianyang Normal University originally was named Xianyang Special Training Department of Shaanxi Normal University and later formally renamed Xianyang Teachers’ College in December 1978.On May 11, 2001, Xianyang Teachers’ College.......

1Duration of study:
4 years for bachelor’s degree, subject to extension up to a maximum of 2 years under special circumstances. Students who have earned all the required credits ahead of schedule set forth by the department and have defended their theses and/or dissertations successfully will be awarded relevant Diploma or Certificate of Graduation.
2. Requirements for Admission:
A high school diploma, Those who are not qualified in Chinese proficiency may first attend the long-term Chinese language training course for foreign students offered by our University for one semester, then they may be transferred to the bachelor’s degree course after meeting the Chinese proficiency qualification.
3. Enrollment Time:
Students are enrolled twice a year, each spring in March and each autumn in September.

4. Student Categories
(1) Undergraduate Students

Bachelor’s degree specialties offered by Xianyang Normal University

Information and Numerical Science


Electronic Information Engineering

Fine Arts

Geographical Information Systems


Material Chemistry

Chinese Language and Literature

Software Engineering

Clerical and Secretarial Education

Electronic Information Engineering

Artistic Design

Information Control and Information Systems


Public Affairs Administration

Advertisement Science

Administration of Land Resources


Travel Administration

Computer Science and Technology

Cultural Property Administration

Applied Chemistry

Educational Technology Science


Mathematics and Applied Mathematics



Elementary Education


Physical Education

(2) Foreign Undergraduate Students majoring in Chinese Language and Culture:
Curriculum Provision:
Our College will offer different level Chinese language and culture training courses such as Intensive Chinese Reading, Extensive Chinese Reading, Listening, Speaking, Grammar and Writing. Additionally we offer elective courses such as Chinese History and Culture, Chinese Musical Instruments, Music Theory and Practice, Fine Arts, Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, News Listening, Newspaper and Magazine Reading. 

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