School Culture

Tianjin No 2 High School

Tianjin No. 2 High School, whose predecessor was JieShou Middle School set up in Oct,1947, is an educational illustrious family with a long history
In Jan, 1949, Tianjin was liberated
In Mar, 1949, with No.610 Command , JieShou Middle School was renamed as Tianjin No.2 Middle School
After that, the school has been growing up with the PRC
【The school motto】: Self-respect, Self-confidence, Self-discipline
【The school spirit】: Today I am proud of my school,
Tomorrow she will be proud of me

Headmaster’s remarks:

Tianjin No.2 High School , one of the firstlings of demonstrative high schools in Tianjin, has long been aiming at cultivating compound talents with high quality adapting to the 21th century and has been considering the requirements of students’ development as the starting point of all her work all the time. The school strives to create a free, relaxing and colorful environment for every student to make each of them live themselves to the fullest.

School-running concepts:

focusing on teachers and students, high-efficiency and opening-up, respecting individualities and all-round development

Focusing on teachers and students:

Focusing on teachers means promoting teachers’ specialization. Teachers’ affairs in the school should be based on the improvement and success of them. Focusing on students means following laws of education and characteristics of the students, both physically and mentally. The school should create favorable conditions for the students’ development of comprehensive qualities and specialities.


High-efficiency and opening-up:

Administratively, the school should deepen the reform, tighten up the management, govern the school according to rules, cultivate students with moral values, improve the quality and gain benefit. Meanwhile, the radiative effect will be enhanced by cooperating with communities. The school intended to be run openly and to strengthen the communication with both international and national schools to heighten her vigor.

Respecting individualities:

Spiritually, the school should realize the differences between students and diversities between teachers. Unitary pattern should be avoided in school’s management as a most optimized space of  individual development should be given to everyone.

All-round development:

Close attention should be paid to the development of all the teachers and students as well as every aspect of their development. The subject consciousness of teachers and students is to be strengthened. The working passion of all teachers is to be exerted and the sense of independence in students is to be developed as well. The school wants to seek for an educational style which caters to the contemporary society as well as the objective reality of the students in Tianjin NO.2 High School.