School Profile

Tianjin lies on the Bohai Sea and is an economic center in the north of China. Tianjin No. 2 High School was set up in 1947. She is a Municipal Key School of city-level in Tianjin and one of the firstlings of demonstrative high schools as well. During the 60-year school-running course, she has got outstanding achievement and high reputation in Tianjin elementally educational field. The school occupying 58,819 square meters land with a total construction area of 36,540 square meters has various modern teaching facilities, over 300 faculties and more than 3,000 students.

The essential guarantees of the everlasting development of Tianjin No.2 High School are her advanced school-running concepts and excellent teaching staff. There are 2 teachers of special grade, 5 city-level academic leaders and 17 district-level academic leaders in the school. And 58% of the teachers are of master degree. Tianjin No. 2 High School has been sticking to the school-running concepts that focusing on teachers and students, high-efficiency and opening-up, respecting individualities and all-round development as well as taking training students’ ability of lifelong learning as the top one task.

To make Tianjin No.2 High School an international school, we pay much attention to internationally interscholastic communication and has established friendly relationships with a number of famous schools in Taiwan(China), Japan, Singapore, America, Germany, Australia and so on.

In Dec,2000, the International Department of Tianjin No.2 High School was founded with the permission of Tianjin Municipal Education Commission. Foreign students have been admitted from July,2001, and there are altogether over 50 overseas students coming from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Macao and Taiwan of China. The department carried out international communication activities actively and has received scores of visiting teams from all over the world.

Tianjin No.2 High School strengthened people’s conviction of Quality-oriented Education with her outstanding achievements in school-running.

Li lanqing, former vice-premier of PRC, Chen zhili, former Minister of Ministry of Education of China, the mayor of Tianjin and other government leader have inspected the school for more than once. At the 55-year anniversary of the founding of a school, the Ministry of Education of China sent us a congratulatory letter, speaking highly of our features in school-running and fine style of study as well as adequately affirming the positive contribution the school had made to the nation’s economic and social development.