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Application Procedures

1. Application deadlines
  As scheduling is based on the lunar Chinese New Year, all semesters are not equal in length and application deadlines vary each year. The approximate application deadlines are as follows with admission time in September. Please click here for accurate dates for each academic year.
  · Non-degree programs: on-going all year around
  · Bachelor's degree programs: around February
  · Master's degree programs: November of the previous calendar year
  · Doctoral degree programs: around May

2. Chinese language proficiency requirements
  · There is no language proficiency requirement for non-degree students.
  · The minimum HSK requirement for all degree program applicants is Level 3. Applicants can be admitted without a Level 3 certificate but are required to get one within one year of admission.

3. Entrance exams
  · There is no entrance exam for non-degree students. Certificates of completion will be awarded upon completion of the programs.
  · All degree program applicants are required to supply a copy of their terminal degree certificate and take core course entrance exams.
  · Bachelor’s programs for foreign students hold entrance exams in every May. Bachelor’s programs for overseas Chinese students and students from Hong Kong , Macao and Taiwan, hold entrance exams in every March.
  · In addition to the core course exams, overseas Chinese students and students from Hong Kong , Macao and Taiwan are also required to take the National College Exams for Overseas Chinese Students and Students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan . Only those who pass the exams will be admitted. (http://www.stegd.edu.cn)
  · Master's and doctoral programs have initial (usually written) and secondary (usually interview) entrance exams.
  · The initial entrance exams of Master’s program are held in every January. The initial entrance exams of doctoral’s program are held in every May.

4. Application material
  1) Non-resident Application for Admission into the China Academy of Art
  2) Diplomas, transcripts and student status certificates
  3) Three 1" frontal passport photos
  4) Health certificates

5. Admission
  · The International College usually mails out admission letters to non-degree program applicants within one month of reception of application.
  · Degree program applicants will usually receive admission letters by July (with September being the beginning of the academic year).
  · Accepted students will receive a letter of admission with the Academy's official seal and a Form JW202, which are required for a student “ X ” visa from the Chinese embassies or consulates.