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The Chinese department primarily uses textbooks administered by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission while the English department uses American based textbooks. The school has been implementing IBMYP through Grade 6 to Grade 10 and intends to implement DP in 2010.
  JCID has academic programs in grade 1-12, ranging from primary school to senior high school. Setting up two departments: the English department and the Chinese department, JCID has formed an international curricular mode featuring diverse choices, autonomous learning, and open teaching tailor-made for small-size classes and individual-based evaluation.


  The International Division provides international students with high-quality education in a global learning and living environment. The International Division aims at cultivating students to be responsible citizens, critical thinkers and broad-minded learners. Having succeeded in carrying out IBMYP, the International Division of Jincai High School has planned to launch IBDP and IBPYP in recent years.
  Strong literacy skills and academic background in one’s native language is a great advantage to a second language learner. Those who have stronger developed concepts, knowledge and skills in their first language can better transfer them to their second. They build on the cognitive and linguistic knowledge of their first language as well as their experiences as learners. There are many reasons why the knowledge level of one’s first language is important. In addition to cognitive factors, other significant reasons include self-esteem, family cohesion, cultural maintenance, development of a positive identity and openness to other ideas and ways of thinking.      
  This is why JCID as one of the very few high schools to offer both Chinese and English courses. JCID divides the Chinese and English language courses into native and non-native classes. For native classes, the students learn according to their grade level. For non-native classes, the school uses several different programs such as ESL (English as a second language) and CSL (Chinese as a second language) based on their language proficiency.

   We designed different curriculum to meet students with different needs.
   1.The College Entrance Exam Enhancement Course for students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.
   According to the teaching syllabus for the college entrance examination for Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau students, our division set up this course for the students who will attend the college entrance examination for the students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.
   2. Courses for the oversea students who intend to study in China
   The course is designed for the foreign students who are going to study in China.The International Division of Jin Cai High School has good cooperation with Fudan University, Shanghai Tongji University, Jiao Tong University, which makes students’ enrollment easier and more probable. 
   3.Courses for students who intend to study abroad. 
   4.Courses specially for Japanese student who intend to study back in Japan.