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The Advantages of the International Department

Favorable Location
Beijing No. 39 Middle School is located in the center of Beijing, adjoining Zhongnanhai, the seat of the Central Committee of the CPC in the south. It is close to Pingan Ave in the north and borders on Beijing Xishiku Catholic Church in the east, and it is also connected with Xidan, a commercial downtown district, in the west, so the location of the school is both convenient and accessible.

School Facilities
The new school buildings, with the main building of a six-storey academic building built in 2002, cover a total area of approximately 13,000 square meters. In the teaching building, there are physics, chemistry and biology labs and more than a dozen specialized classrooms including computer classrooms, art classrooms, music classrooms, history classrooms, and geography classrooms. The integrated building has not only a library, a reading room, a multifunctional hall,an academic lecture hall and a fitness studio, but also boasts a table tennis hall, a gymnasium, a natatorium and electric piano classrooms, all with first-class facilities. In the school playground there is a circular plastic running track and many basketball courts with artificial turf. These outdoor facilities and the six-storey academic building enhance each other’s beauty with an extraordinary style.

Personalized Teaching Arrangements
The International Department of Beijing No. 39 Middle School adheres to the teaching concept of putting equal emphasis on "language, knowledge and culture" and pays attention to discovering and developing foreign students’ good personality and originality. Through the education advisory system, it formulates and implements personalized curriculum suitable for the sound development of students.  
I. Small-class teaching at different levels of language ability.
II. A separate academic record class
III. The students who have passed HSK Band6 can be placed in an appropriate class of Chinese students to study with them.
IV. Invite the excellent key teachers with rich teaching experiences to set up college entrance examination “sprint” classes specifically for Senior Grade Three students who apply for entrance to Peking University, Tsinghua University and Renmin University of China.
V. HSK remedial classes in the evening
VI. Foreign experts are invited to conduct oral English lessons in small classes, which create a good atmosphere for spoken English among foreign students.
VII. Set up a Tsinghua art class specifically for the art-specialized student.
VIII. Invite well-known coaches to carry out varied and colorful physical education elective with Chinese characteristics (such as table tennis, taekwondo, martial arts, etc.).

Reasonable Arrangements for Class Hours
Class Hour/Week: 51 periods
Language Class:Comprehensive Chinese, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Listening, Reading and Writing of Chinese Characters, Chinese Composition, Chinese Reading, Chinese Seeing, Listening and Speaking, Intensification of HSK, An Introduction to China, Mathematics, Different-Level English Grammar, Spoken English, Physical Education Elective
Academic Record Class: Chinese, Mathematics, English, Geography, History, Physics, Chemistry, Spoken English, Physical Education, Intensification of HSK
Class for Transferred Students: Chinese, Mathematics, English, Geography, History, Physics, Chemistry, Spoken English, Biology, Music, Arts, Physical Education, Intensification of HSK

Professional and Excellent Teaching Staff
The International Department of Beijing No. 39 Middle School has a capable and excellent teaching staff with high academic qualifications. All of the TCFL teachers have undergraduate or postgraduate degree and a strong sense of responsibility with rich teaching experiences and flexible teaching methods. The core subject teachers are capable of conducting bilingual teaching of Chinese-English or Chinese- Korean. The specialized subject teachers for the academic record class are selected key teachers with a strong sense of responsibility, perfect professional quality and rich teaching experiences.

The Steadily Upward Proportion of Students Entering Higher School
In recent years, the teaching of the International Department has obtained satisfactory results; the rate of students reaching the required standard of HSK being 100%. All of the arts and science students in Senior Three of previous years have been admitted to their ideal universities. From 2003 to 2009, the International Department of Beijing No. 39 Middle School has fostered more than 200 Senior Three graduates to enter Peking University,Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Shanghai Fudan University, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Normal University, China Foreign Economic and Trade University, the University of California, University of Tokyo and other famous institutions of higher education.

Life Management
The school boasts two apartment buildings for foreign students, which blends both Chinese and foreign architectural design, creating a beautiful horizon from the schoolyard. Each well-equipped four-star standard double room has a separate toilet, air-conditioner, 24-hour hot water, telephone, refrigerator, book shelves, wardrobe and lamps, etc.
The school implements closed-end management. There are two life management teachers in each of the two new apartment buildings respectively for boys and girls caring for foreign students’ 24-hour daily life.



Delicious and Nutritious Buffet
An independent foreign students’ dining hall has professional chefs who cook tasty and nutritious meals in accordance with different national flavor, and there are four square meals every day: breakfast, lunch, supper and night snack. Convenient and swift vending machines provide foreign students with a different flavor of snack food.

Colorful Student Activities
Foreign student activities are rich and colorful. Each semester foreign students make a cultural excursion. While visiting places of interest in China, they also experience extensive and profound Chinese culture. The monthly candlelit birthday party for foreign students makes them feel warm and welcome. A monthly well-organized outdoor practice lesson called A Profile of China gives foreign students a better feel of China's cultural life.