Recruitment resume

Recruitment resume

GuangQuMenMiddle School is full time school verified by the Education Commission of Beijing (ECB) and subjected education commission of Chongwen District . Our school passed approvement of ECB, Beijing Foreign Office and police stationandobtainedqualification to recruit the foreign student.


  1. year old of 11—18.
  2. good health and moral character, none of intelligence disfigurement.
  3. Parents and guardian are working at Beijing .
  4. Good record in former country .
  5. Maximum three main subjects were fallen in the past.


  1. ten photocopies of the student’s passport;
  2. former school report card, education provement and life record(qualification, translation into Chinese or English);
  3. copy of student and parents’ passport;
  4. health examining or accordation foreign hospital body testing required by China government;
  5. show the abroad study life assurance copy of student in former country;
  6. residence testify(unboarder);
  7. applicant form;
  8. copy of JW202 receipt;
  9. show parents appointed the guardian’ commission letter and qualification each;
  10. guardian’s guarantee qualification document;
  11. pay enrollment fee:US$50 or RMB¥400(unreturn).

Ⅲ) process:

  1. applicant informations;
  2. pay tuition fee and other fees in time;
  3. draw offer with payment receipt;
  4. matriculating procedure

Ⅳ)recruit emergency fund:

After recruit paid all of fees he also need hand RMB 5,000 in school to cover emergency or others, and left will be return to himself .when student left school.

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