Beijing GuangQuMen Middle School, founded in 1954, is located in Baiqiao Street, ChongWen District, Beijing, China. GQMMS has an enrollment of approximately 2800 students, 64.3% of which are high school students. Since its establishment, GQMMS has made tremendous progress and is now enjoying a high reputation both at home and abroad. It is the source of recruitment for China's such well-known universities as Tsinghua University, Peking University as well as Renmin University of China.
GQMMS is located within the second ring road, cultural and economic center of Chongwen District. It is very convenient to get to some culture and amusement venues such as Tian An Men, Qian Men, the Temple of Heaven, the New World Shopping Mall, Beijing Gymnasium, Beijing Amusement Park and the Ming City Wall Site Park.
The main campus of GQMMS occupies an area of 27,000 square meters. It is a garden-style campus with a reasonable layout and advanced facilities, which can provide the students with comfortable and convenient environment for learning and living. On the campus there is a library, a reading room, computer labs, a playground, basketball courts, a gymnasium, a cafeteria and dorms. All the classrooms in GQMMS are equipped with laptops and multimedia facilities. Broad Band covers nearly every corner of the campus.
The school is fortunate to have a distinguished faculty possessing a strong commitment to both teaching and research. It is a highly motivated, innovative and professional team. The school also possesses an adequate number of foreign teachers from English speaking countries. We have a strong confidence that the students can receive first-class education at our school.
The International Department of GQMMS offers certificate program, Chinese language program for foreign students and international culture exchanges as well.
GQMMS has established cooperation and exchange relations with middle/high schools in America, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

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