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Brief Introduction
Introduction to Programs and Courses

Vocational and technical education and employment direction

Chinese Cultural Transmission Base Chanwu Center

Fees Due
Fellowship and scholarship
Graduation and Completion of Courses
Admission Procedures
Application Procedures
Overseas Student Services
The Chinese Language and Culture Educational school by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People's Government of Guangdong Province
(Guangdong Overseas Chinese Vocational School of China)

T he Overseas Chinese Vocational School is a Foreign oriented vocational School, Our institution is the Chinese language and Cultural Educational Center of Guangdong and is also Chinese Cultural Transmission Center of Guangdong .The School was established in 1979 and is the only Vocational School that is qualify to enroll foreign students, the school has always been dedicating herself to vocational education 、Chinese language and Cultural education, upholding the tenet of “people oriented, service for overseas Chinese”Since 1999 the school has educated 3000 students from HongKong, Macao,Taiwan,South East Asia,Central Asia,Europe,South America, Australia and other Twenty different Counties in Vocational Skills、Chinese Language and Culture. In the pass years the school hosted many "Chinese Root Seeking" winter (summer) camp and accommodated 4000 Roots Seeking Campers.

The school maintains strict discipline on students, the school implements semi-close management and also pays close attention to cultural development , and in helping students learn to live a meaningful life.