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 Basic Admission Information

University Name: Nanchang University

              Location: Nanchang, capital city of Jiangxi Province

      Spring Intake: Chinese Language(0.5 year to 1 year)

        Scholarship:  6000RMB


About Nanchang

Nanchang is the capital of Jiangxi Province and the political, economic, cultural and technological center of the province, administering four counties (Nanchang County, Xinjian County, Jinxian County and Anyi County), five districts (Donghu District, Xihu District, Qingyunpu District, Wanli District and Qingshanhu District), two national level development Zones (Nanchang Hi-tech Development Zone and Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone) and Honggutan New District, as well as Jiangxi Sanghai Economic and Technological Development Zone, area totaling into 7402km2, among which urban area accounts 617km2, with total population of 5 million 89 thousand, one of the metropolises throughout the country.

Location AdvantagesNanchang locates at lower course of the Yangtze River, close to the southwest bank of Poyang Lake, known as “Transportation Junction and Vital Area for Military” since the ancient times, which is the only capital city adjacent to three most dynamic deltas in economic development in our country—Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Southeast of Fujian Delta, is the intersection of JingJiu and ZheGan Railway, also is the only capital in JingJiu Line. With the perfection of “Three Rings and Eleven Radiation” urban road network and the construction of fast rail transit in and out of the city in recent years, such location advantages of Nanchang as connecting east and west and linking south and north is increasingly clear, able to reach 8 capitals within 6 hours.

City CharacteristicsNanchang is a famous historic and cultural city, having over 2200-year profound historic and cultural deposits, praised as “a marvelous place with rich resource and outstanding people”; Nanchang is also a heroic city with glorious revolutionary tradition, where people’s army was born and Bayi Army Flag rose; Nanchang is still a landscape green capital with beautiful scenery, the Ganjiang River passing through the city, interlaced rivers and lakes in the city and green hills outside the city, leading first-class ecological environment; Nanchang is also a modern dynamic new town full of vigor, increasingly showing the stance of overall rising.

Subway ConstructionIn July 2009, the State Council gave an official reply to Construction Planning of Urban Fast Rail Transit in Nanchang City (2009-2016); in July 2010, National Development and Reform Commission gave an official reply to Feasibility Study Report on Rail Transit Line No.1 Project in Nanchang, thus, the rail transit project construction in Nanchang entering the stage of full scale operation. The Phase 1 project of Line No.1 being constructed at present covers a length of 28km, 24 stations, scheduled to be completed in 2015. The Phase 2 project of Line No.2 covers a length of 22.6km and 20 stations. The Feasibility Study Report on Rail Transit Line No.2 Project has been reported to National Development and Reform Commission, striving to commence in 2013 and to be completed in 2016.

MacroeconomicsDevelopment Situation of The 11th Five-Year Plan”During “The 11th Five-Year Plan”(2006-2010), the GDP of Nanchang was growing at an annual average rate of over 14.4%, the general financial revenue was growing at an annual average rate of 20.6%, the gross retail sales of consumer goods was growing at an annual average rate of 19.5%, the fixed assets investment of the whole society was growing at an annual average rate of over 30%, accumulated investment on civil engineering reaching over 10.96 billion yuan. In 2010, GDP hit 220 billion yuan, general financial revenue reaching over 32 billion yuan, the area of built-up areas were expanded to 265km2 compared with 206km2 at the end of “The 10th Five-Year Plan”.

Development PlanningDevelopment Planning of the 12th Five-Year PlanDuring “The 12th Five-Year Plan”, the main targets for economic and social development of the city are double GDP within five years; GDP per capita crossing 10000 dollars, moving forward the ranking among capitals of the country; put forth effort to build modern industry strong city, emphasize on constructing famous low-carbon ecological city, strive to build modern capital city and livable and healthy city; basically realizing the target of building a comprehensive well-off society.Make Nanchang Bigger. Set building cooperation zone of capital cities, constructing economic and ecological pioneer zone of Poyang Lake, planning “Two Cores, Three Rings and Five Clusters” as basis, building regional transportation center, financial center, cultural center, consumer center, operation center and innovation center as target, facilitating regional coordinated growth of urban new countryside, urban area, suburb, development zone and etc. as drive, such urban and rural major capacities as promoting municipal construction, development rail transit, building “Smart City” as supporter, so as to build modern capital city.Make Nanchang Stronger. Accelerate the development of emerging industries, optimize industrial layout, strengthen independent innovation, strive to foster famous-brand products, rapidly follow the service demand market opened by “Made in Nanchang”, quickly seize competition platform for modern service industry of central cities, rapidly improve the strategic position in the development of the city and the proportion in economic aggregate of service industry, and build modern industry strong city.Make Nanchang Better. Set national low-carbon city pilot as an opportunity, forging National Low-carbon Ecological Model City as goal, establishing industrial system characterized by low carbon, propel low carbon life and low carbon demonstration, by way of green rise paying equal attention to protection and development, build famous low-carbon and ecological city.Make Nanchang More Beautiful. Further place “People’s Livelihood” in a prominent position, perfect social security network, strive to realize that everyone enjoys basic livelihood guarantee and security environment close by, further enhance people’s confidence on life and development, improve people’s health level, promote the attractiveness and sense of belonging of the city, people’s happiness index rising continuously, endeavor to create quality-type good life, so as to build livable and healthy city.


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