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Share Stories in China to Win Christmas Gifts

Recent years have witnessed huge flow of international students into China for further studies. Out of  gaining deeper insight into their life in China and improving CUECC application service, we would like to invite YOU to share your story in China.

All participants will be rewarded with some Christmas gifts(secret now, haha) and TOP 10 stories will selected to be published in our website as well as wechat.Those authors will be given another BIGGER reward!


Requirement for stories

  • A story should be personal. It is your story related to China or your university, rather than a general 

    impression about China.

  • A story is better if it has a theme, rather than a disorganized collection of information or travellog.

  • Previously unpublished material only.

  • Opinions are also welcome but better if it is rationally developed, with your involvement in thesetting. 

    A debatable is even better.

Information required 

  • basic personal information(name, nationality, school name, arrival date in China)

  • personal photo 

Deadline: 20th December

Wanna become a writer before Christmas Eve, join us!