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CCTV America launched in Washington DC

CCTV News has launched a new initiative. It’s called CCTV America. Every day at 9 am Beijing time a new production center in Washington DC will broadcast for an hour.

A state of the art studio, an international team, and a new integration of east and west - CCTV America.

The move represents the latest move by China Central Television to project China and more closely connect Asia and America. The U-S production center is reaching out to American viewers and a global audience seeking diversity and alternative news coverage.

Ma Jing, director general of CCTV America, said, “This is a natural outgrowth of China Central television. CCTV has 42 channels which can reach an audience of 1.2 billion people. The domestic market is almost saturated. So we are seeking growth in the global market.”

“Biz Asia America” is the first show to air. The program aims to combine reporting of economic and financial issues in North and South America with those from China and the Asian region. Anchored both from Washington and studios at NASDAQ in the heart of America’s business capital New York.

“Biz Asia America” will also feature daily live reports from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and other key financial centers - all this in a truly interconnected broadcast.

Phillip Yin, anchor of CCTV America, said, “From a viewer’s standpoint, what they will see is a very clean show that gives them all the top business headlines from Asia, Europe and America and does not give you just the numbers, but something more in depth and more insightful.”

And there’s more to come. “Americas Now” debuts this weekend. A unique magazine show featuring investigative reports from South America.

All that plus the Heat's debate talk show completes the new lineup. A line up designed to provide a new look to CCTV News.