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Norbury Girls School s students saw how to serve tea

Taking a luggage case with me, full of tea, tea set, dresses, the teacher came to school early. Then she started to boil water and wash tea set.
A quarter past three, after girls finished their lessons, they came to her Chinese afterschool club and helped her set up. Some of them even broght their own Chinese dresses, which was really surprising. They all very organized and had their own job, some would give introduction of tea art, some would be photographers, those who would serve tea started to ask me a lot of detailed questions about tea art.
she let them watch and smell first. Having got used to tea bags, they were quite interested when they first saw, in delicate tea jars, green tea, black tea, and aromatic chrisanthemum tea.
When the water was boiling, the teacher started to rinse tea. They were very curious and asked her that why she discharged the first round. She told them the first round is to rinse tea and warm up tea pot and cups.
Tea is from the east, has its oriental flavor. They serve only with water, different from English tea, especially black tea, always serve with milk or sugar. Hot water was poured into the tea pot, balck tea get soaked in the purple-clay tea set. Then it was poured out into tea cups. Aroma came from those tea cups and tea pot.
Those kids are only 12 or 12 years old, at a stage that favors sweets. So they like Chrisanthemum tea with crystal sugar in it, and fresh and light green tea but not bitter-flavored tea. For them, tea set are delicate, flavors of tea are different. They may not understand Chinese tea now, but they may understand one day, when they are older, bitterness of Chinese tea contributes one of the most important reasons in its richness.