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CCTV America launched in Washington DC


CCTV News has launched a new initiative. It’s called CCTV America. Every day at 9 am Beijing time a new production center in Washington DC will broadcast for an hour. A state of the art studio, an international team, and a new integration of east and west - CCTV America. The move represents the latest move by China Central Television to project China and more closely connect Asia and America. ...

Getting Over the Hump: Chinese Study Tools and Aids


During the Chinese learning process there are definitely ups and downs. Some days you feel at the top of your game and others you feel as if you’ve hit some kind of barrier on your road to fluency. In this glorious digital age, where better to learn languages than online? Here is a list of TV shows, films and blogs for when you want to step away from the books that will help take your Chinese fr...

Chinese language fascinates Belarusian girl


The Chinese language continues to enchant people overseas, with more and more people learning it. And in Belarus, many youngsters are learning the language using a variety of different techniques. 20-year-old Masha is one of them. Masha is a student at the Minsk State Linguistic University. She majors in English. But a year ago, the 20-year-old decided to take up Chinese as her second for...

Norbury Girls School s students saw how to serve tea


Taking a luggage case with me, full of tea, tea set, dresses, the teacher came to school early. Then she started to boil water and wash tea set. A quarter past three, after girls finished their lessons, they came to her Chinese afterschool club and helped her set up. Some of them even broght their own Chinese dresses, which was really surprising. They all very organized and had their own jo...

Global Chinese Culture


The Confucius Institute at Texas A&M University teamed up with the Office of Public Partnership and Outreach to provide the “Going Global Workshop” on July 12 and 13th,2012. which aimed to better equip elementary teachers to integrate multicultural curriculum into their classrooms. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Martha Green, and the two day event was filled with cultural activities t...

How to Make Your Resume Stand out


You've tweaked and crafted your resume, spell-checked it at least twice. But have you included a 'QR code'?Those are the bar codes that are popping up in newspapers, on consumer products and elsewhere, that can be scanned by smartphones. Some people are adding these to their resumes to direct employers to online portfolios, contact information and other application materials. 'People are defi...

Chinese Calligraphy Spread in Canada in an Amazing Speed


Two months may elapse rapidly amid busy life, but in two months, Halifax entered into early summer featured by dark green from withered and yellow winter. For students taking the calligraphy course, it’s nothing but a trip of “thorough reshaping”. Kristin said “I’m the laziest student here because I’m very busy without time for practices. All studies about calligraphy were finished at class. And...

Colorful Chinese Year, Colorul Activities


The Confucius Institute at Frankfurt University hosted Chinese Culture Exhibition Hall event during the Year of Chinese Culture along Rhine Riverside between May 25 and May 31, 2012 thanks to cooperation with Frankfurt Municipal Government and the strong support from Chinese Consulate-General in Frankfurt. The event invited a host of Chinese and Germany celebrities to engage in diverse cultural ...

20 Things You must Know for Studying Chinese Language


1 The voice box sits lower in the throat in humans than it does in other primates, giving us a uniquely large resonating system. That’s why we alone are able to make the wide range of sounds needed for speech2 That also explains Mariah Carey, Barry White, and Robin Williams.3 Unfortunately, the placement of our voice box means we can’t breathe and swallow at the same time, as other animals ca...

Malagasy mandarin-program delegation completes successful China visit


During May 25 to June 5, 2012, a Malagasy delegation consisting of 7 mandarin-program directors visited Jiangxi and Beijing. In Jiangxi, the delegation met with Prof. Zhang Yanguo, Vice President of Jiangxi Normal University. The two parties exchanged views on wide areas such as campus design, school-running, faculty and discipline development. The delegation also convened a meeting with the M...

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