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FAQ For Students

Q: I have no any Chinese language basis, could I apply your program?

A: Our program is setting the Basic Chinese class for basic learners especially! The level is suitable for new learners.

Q:What E-teahing materials you provide with learners?

A: The classes covered Basic Chinese, (related to areas of Living, Shopping, Working, Make friends, Entertainment etc.)Business Chinese, HSK TEST

Q: What’s the length of one Curriculum ?

A: There are 14-20 lessons for each Curriculum. 10 weeks as one curriculum periods

Q: How long time for each lesson?

A: The each lesson is separated into2-3 classes , about 35-40 minutes for each class .

Q: What is the tuition fee countness?

A: We charge US$15 dollars for each one lesson, the minu pay is from 3 lessons ,(1 week lesson schedule), if you order all lessons for one curriculum completely in one time, you will be given 10% percent off

Q: How can I do the pay for Tuition fee?

A: We setup following there payment access for each learner WEST UNION account BANKING SWIFT account PAYPAL account

Q: Can I get a trial lesson before order a real lesson?

A: Yes, we will arrange approx 20 mins long time as a trial lesson for each new learner, upon we receiving your registered info, will make an appointment with you refer to exact time for your trial lesson.

Q: What’s the stuff on trial lesson class going?

A: You will be meeting with a native chinese teacher, test your chinese level, decent chating with tutor. Familiar with the class software functions…after this ,you can decide to order the formal lessons or give up.

Q:What kind of functions of teaching software ?

A: It supports for Writing board support ;Video medium teaching; Chat room; File(teaching materials) transfer, upload, download and share the documents etc.

Q:If I can try the software for free?

A: Yes! after download and setup you can enjoy its attractive features within trial lessons.

Q:How can i install the software and use it as a student?

A: You could click here(Guide for students) to download the files,and learn more about the information.

Q: What are the qualifications for my private teacher?

A: Our each one teacher who is a Chinese native speaker. Bachelor/ above degree ,as a Chinese university teacher current position, has many years experience for Chinese mandarin teaching. for abroad students,foreign businessman.

Q: Should I do the class once a day consecutively or it’s selected?

A: As usually, we setup avg 3 classes task per week for one learner, it means you can take 2-4 classes in a week according to your own time.

Q: can I order a couple of teachers for my one curriculum?

A: Yes, you can point one teacher to do the class from starting to ending of the completed course. In meanwhile, you can also change your current teacher to new one , we will arrange your requirement within 48 hrs after receiving your request by only.

Q: What will teacher do more for me after finishing the each class?

A: Our teacher will do his/her own comments to record your class situation, learning result, help your review , as well as to adjust the teaching methods on the next class.

Q: May I do comment for my teacher after the class?

A: After each class, you must do the comment on teacher’s teaching methods or attitude, it will help us to supervise teacher to increase their teaching quality.

Q:Can you provide language certificate for learners after course completing? If yes, what is useful ?

A:Yes, every one need take about 10 weeks study periods for each curriculum, go through the review course, You teacher will evaluate your study result to recommend his/her univeristy to provide you with the language certificate accordingly. This one certificate is as the same effect as you study in the real campus for one semester in China university. It will help you to get major study application rapidly against China host univeristy.

Q: What is the preparation work before do the class?

A:Register-Submit your inforamtion-Download the study software-Setup on your computer-Select your course-Order your teacher-Do the trial lesson-Pay for tuiton-Starting your learning schedule