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Confucius Nurtures Russian Students in Chinese learning


'To be fond of knowledge is better than merely to acquire it; to take delight in it is still better than merely to be fond of it,' Confucius told his disciples more than 2,000 years ago. If he had lived long enough, the Chinese sage would have been gratified to see his words being proved right again today in the language-training institutes across the globe under his name. Prior to Chinese Pre...

3rd Summer Chinese Teacher Institute in Atlanta


The Confucius Institute in Atlanta hosted a Summer Institute for Chinese Teachers at Emory University on August 4 and 5. This is the third of such training institutes organized by the CI in Atlanta since its founding in March 2008. The two-day training program attracted more than 90 Chinese teachers from the State of Georgia and metro Atlanta. The Summer Institute for Chinese Language Teachers,...

Governor's School for Excellence Students Experience Chinese Culture


In collaboration with the Delaware Governor's School for Excellence, the Confucius Institute at the University of Delaware(UDCI) presented a "China Night" program for more than 120 Delaware high school students on Thursday July 19, 2012. It is the second year that UDCI organized the "China Night" program for the Governor's School for Excellence. This year’s theme was "Dragon Up", signifying the...

The last Unforgetful Chinese Lesson in Loose Junior School


Today is the last Chinese lesson for the Year 5 pupils in Loose Junior School, which is one of the spoke schools of New Line Learning Academy Confucius classroom, Maidstone UK. “My dear students, this is the last Chinese lesson I am here with you and I am going back to China very soon.” Our Chinese teacher Yan Zhou walked into the classroom with shaking voice, “I love you children. Please carry ...

“The First World Comparative Education Study and Confucius Institutes”


Poznan, May 7th-9th, 2012—The first international conference on the theme of “World Comparative Education Study and Confucius Institutes” was successfully hosted by the Confucius Institute at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, a famous historical city in Poland. Comparative education study views globalized education in the world from a cross-cultural perspective, aiming at encouraging objec...

Two Chinese Volunteer Teachers Arrive Zambia


May 30, the first two Chinese volunteer Teachers of Confucius Institute at UNZA arrived in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. Director He Yi, instructors Niu Xiquan and Zhao Yiqiang met them at the airport. While selecting volunteer teachers for Confucius Institute at UNZA, great help and support were given by the volunteer center of Hanban and the leading cadres at all levels of Hebei University ...

Lesson 166 What is Your Job?


M: Peng2you3men. Ni3men hao3! Huan1ying2 shou1ting1 Xian4zai4 Xue2 Han4yu3. Wo3 shi4 ML. S: Da4 jia1 hao3. Wo3 shi4 Stuart. Well, we've learnt 丈夫, husband, zhang4fu. M: Now for ‘wife'. S: And after 医生 yi1sheng, or 大夫 dai4fu, we must learn ‘nurse'. M: And more. So let's crack on. S: 陈女士,What is your job? 你是做什么工作的? ni3 shi4 zuo4 shen2me gong1zuo4 de? M: I'm a nurse 我是护士wo3 shi3 hu4shi....

Lesson 56: Book Ticket and Hotel


Background 在中国,你可以去旅行社或直接与航空公司联系有关你的航空旅行的事宜,不过现在有许多人直接在网上预订机票和酒店。但要切记,一些城市有多个机场,因此一定要搞清楚你的航班的起点站和终点站。 In China, you can either go to a travel agency or talk directly to an airline representative to make travel arrangements, but many people now book their flights and hotels online. Remember, however, that some cities have more than one airport, so be sure to know which airport and terminal is h...

Lesson 54 Asking about Jobs


Cam: Da Jia Hao. Wo shi Cam. Nice to have you again on Chinese Studio on China Radio International. Yajie: and我是Yajie.Today we’ll learn how to ask about jobs. In fact there are quite a number of ways. But we’ll focus on one way, using the phrase 在哪儿.Cam: Remember 在哪儿(zai4 nar3) literally means "at where". We talked about how to use it when asking where one lives. But today, we tell you how to a...

Lesson 093: Making a Phone Call


Cam: It’s a fresh new week here on Chinese Studio. Dajia hao. Wo shi Cam.YJ: And I’m Yajie – it’s time to perfect Chinese your way in only 5 minutes a day. And this week we are going to focus on something that will be very useful for foreigners in China.Cam: Yes, this will be. How to talk on the phone. Key Words of the Day Hello, I’d like to speak to Mr. Lee.. 您好。我找李先生。 I’m sorry, he’s ...

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