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Days of the Week in Chinese: Three Different Words for 'Week'


Days of the Week in Chinese: Three Different Words for 'Week' The modern Chinese names for the days of the week are based on a simple numerical sequence. The word for 'week' is followed by a number indicating the day: 'Monday' is literally 'week one', 'Tuesday' is 'week two', etc. The exception is Sunday, where 天 tiān or 日 rì, both meaning 'day', are used instead of a number (日 rì is somewha...

Chinese daily conversation(34)


服 务 员:您好!竹园饭店。 Nín hăo! Zhú yuán fàn diàn. Hello. This is the Zhuyruan Hotel.丽 贝 卡:您好,我想预订一个标准间。 Nín hăo, wŏ xiăng yù dìng yī gè biāo zhŭn jiān. Hello, I'd like to reserve a standard room.服 务 员:您要订哪天的? Nín yào dìng nă tiān de? When do you want the reservation for?丽 贝 卡:从本月1...

Chinese daily conversation(33)


Applying for a metro card - subway / metro card Susan 请问这儿能办一卡通吗? Excuse me, can I apply for a metro card here? Staff 可以。 Yes. Susan 多少钱一张? How much does it cost? Staff 押金二十。 The deposit is 20 yuan.

Chinese word(20)


呛 [qiàng] 1. verb irritate Examples 他游泳时呛了一口水。 He choked on a mouthful of water while swimming. 他穿过那阵烟雾,被呛得直咳嗽。 He walked through the cloud of smoke, coughing and choking. 胡椒粉呛得我直打喷嚏。 Pepper makes me sneeze.

Chinese note(24)


目标 and 目的mùbiāo and mùdi1. 目标 is the target of shooting or trailing. (1) 经过十几个小时的漫长等待,目标终于出现了,埋伏已久的警察迅速将其抓获。(2) 他一枪就击中了目标。(3) 她环视了一下四周,终于找到了目标——一家不起眼的咖啡厅。 2. 目的 is used to mean “destination;” it can also be said as 目的地.(1) 我们到达目的地的时间是上午10点。(2) 旅行并不一定要有一个确定的目的地,重要的是享受旅行的过程。 3. To mean “the aim of one’s attempt,” 目标 is used for something concrete, and 目的 is used for something abstract. (1) 我的目标...

Chinese daily conversation(32)


Opening a savings account - bank / interest rates Jim 你好,我想开户。 Hello, I'd like to open a savings account. Clerk 定期还是活期? A fixed deposit or current account? Jim 定期利率是多少? What's the interest rate on a fixed deposit account? Clerk 我们有三种存款帐户。 We have three kinds of deposit accounts.

Chinese note(23)


Better late than never亡羊补牢wángyángbǔláoIt literally means mending the fold after the sheep is lost.The Story:One day, a shepherd noticed that there was a hole in the wall of his sheep hold. Since it was nearly lunch time and the shepherd was hungry, he didn't repair the hole and eventually forgot all about it. A few days later, he noticed that several of his sheep had escaped through the hol...

Chinese daily conversation(31)


Running out of time - campus / studying Lin Tao 张,去打球吗? Zhang, want to go play basketball? Zhang 不行。我一会儿得去图书馆。 No. I have to go to the library. Lin Tao 你可以明天再去啊。 You can go there tomorrow. Zhang 明天我还有一堆事情要做呢。 I have lots of things to do tomorrow though.

Chinese word(19)


Mother’s Day母亲节mǔqīnjié Mother’s Day falls on different days in different countries in all months except January. Mother’s Day has a few different origins. One emerges from ancient Greece with the festival of Cybele, a great mother of Greek gods. The ancient Romans had another holiday, Matronalia, which was dedicated to Juno. Some countries also celebrate Mother’s Day on International Women...

Chinese note(22)


搬 [bān] 1. verb [移动] take … away 把这些东西搬走。 Take these things away. 2. verb [迁移] move 搬家 move house 3. verb [套用] copy mechanically Examples 我帮他搬了行李。 I helped him with his luggage. 把桌子搬进去 move the table in 搬救兵 call in reinforcements 咱别议论人家的私事,搬舌头可不好。 It's not good to talk about others' private affair.. 只要大家一起搬石头,就没有解决不了的难题。 As long as we pull toge...

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