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Authorization Letter of Guangdong University of Education


Guangdong University of Education (formerly Guangdong Institute of Education) was founded in 1955, which is a key provincial university and a high-tier one with distinctive features of internationalization in South China in its education. At the end of 2013, the University serves over 4,707 international and continuing-education students.
GDUE is situated in Guangzhou, a city with a long history and rich cultural legacy and the economic hub in South China. The university boasts two campuses with a total area of 35.7 hectares; enjoys fine surroundings featuring green trees, crystal streams and scenic bridges.
GDUE is also a National Mandarin Chinese Testing Station, TCSL(teaching Chinese as a Second Language) Training and Exchange Center, Chinese Culture Inheritance Base, and the Training and Testing Center for the International Society of Chinese Language Pedagogy(ISCLP)in Guangdong.
Over the years, thousands of foreigners have studied Chinese at our university, and we’d like to work in this glorious career by serving more foreign students.
GDUE adheres to the idea of whole-person education and pursuit of excellence and nurtures a campus culture of diversity, elegance and flexibility. It keeps pursuing substantive development,further reform and innovation and vigorously promotes the internationalization of education--internationalization of teachers, students, research and management--in order to be a high-tier
internationalized university with distinctive features and excellent quality.

Program Overview:
This program is designed for students (age from 18 to 55) who are interested in Chinese language and culture and who may want to start business or find jobs in China after graduation. Different from other visa program, our program’s advantages lie in “4Ps”:
Practical- Besides the high-quality Chinese language courses, we provide cultural learning and job hunting skills session in each semester.
Personalized- Our courses are 1-on-1 VIP courses and small group courses (2-5) in order to ensure the teaching quality and interaction.
Position- Our learning center is located in the CBD of Guangzhou which is a top 3 international city in China. Study and life are more convenient for foreigners here.
Professional- Our school is run by Guangdong University of Education and is an HSK test center recognized by Confucius Institute.