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Authorization Letter of Guangxi Normal University

    The College of International Culture and Education (CICE) of Guangxi Normal University was established in February 2000, on the basis of the Center for Training Chinese Language as a Second Language and the Center for International Exchanges of Culture and Education which was founded in 1979. It now consists of the Department of Chinese Language and Culture and the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures, enrolling students to undertake 4-year undergraduate programs or to study in the long-term and short-term programs. It is responsible mainly for the enrollment and teaching of international students and Chinese students studying in the joint-venture education programs. The college now has a full-time Chinese teaching staff as many as 18 people, of whom there are 1 professor, 5 associate professors, 5 doctors and would-be doctors. The college is equipped with a highly-competent teaching staff, well-qualified administrators, and up-to-date facilities. It possesses a multi-functional International Exchange Building with a floor space of 15,000 square meters, which is facilitated with a convention hall, multi-media classroom, computer network room, audio-visual room, sound laboratory, reading room, reference library, recreational center, cafeteria, etc.. Its International Service Center prepares rooms of various standards to accommodate around 1,000 people with its good service.

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