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RUC President Made Important Proposals on the 5th Northeast Asia Trilateral Forum

As the only one university president from China, RUC President Ji Baocheng was invited to the fifth session of the Northeast Asia Trilateral Forum in Nara of Japan on April 19th, 2010.
The session discussed such topics as monetary cooperation, economic integration, environmental cooperation and cultural and civil exchange issues. The trilateral gathering drew 30 former high-ranking officials and prominent figures from political, academic and business circles of China, Japan and South Korea, including former Chinese Vice-Premier Zeng Peiyan, former Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone Yasuhiro and former South Korean Prime Minister Lee Hong-Koo. The President of Kyoto University (Japan) Hiroshi Matsumoto and the President of Ewha Womans University (Korea) Lee Bae-Yong also attended the forum.
During the meeting, President Ji Baocheng exchanged views and discussed a lot with the participants and put forward two important proposals.
Firstly, President Ji suggested select and popularize about 600 Chinese characters among the three countries, especially among the young people. By doing this, he pointed out that the cultural exchanges and mutual understanding and cooperation among the three countries would be much strengthened, and the younger generation could better understand and learn the cultural heritage of their own countries.
Secondly, President Ji suggested establish a Northeastern Graduate School to jointly cultivate international talents. Facing the common concerns and big challenges of economic and social development in the progress of human civilization, he proposed to select talented college graduate students from the three countries and jointly supervise the students with 1 or 2 years in each country in turn at the postgraduate level and finally grant them PhD degrees recognized by all the three countries. The Northeastern Graduate School would contribute to cultivate talents with multinational cultural understanding as well as professional knowledge, thus promoting win-win cooperation among the three countries.
The two proposals by President Ji Baocheng were highly praised by all the participants and the media present.
The Northeast Asia Trilateral Forum is an annual event cosponsored by the Xinhua News Agency of China, the Nikkei news group of Japan and the leading South Korean daily Joong Ang Ilbo, and gathers 10 prominent figures from political, business, academic and cultural circles in each of the three countries. The annual meeting is held alternatively in China, Japan and South Korea aiming to increase mutual understanding, trust and cooperation for the common development and prosperity. As the only one invited university president from China, President Ji Baocheng has attended all the five sessions of the forum since its foundation in 2006. The sixth session will be held in China next spring.