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The Outstanding Vocational School in Hangzhou
By sally on 2019-09-12

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang


Major taught in Chinese( At least have HSK2 first):

Road and Bridge school

It covers four majors and one direction which are engineering technology of roads and bridges, engineering technology of roads and bridges (detection and supervision), municipal engineering technology, railway engineering technology, and steel work construction technology. It has a training center of roads and bridges which occupies an area of over 8,000 square meters and contains 26 experimental and training rooms such as Aggregate Test Training Room, Stabilized Soil Test Training Room, Pressure Testing Machine Room, Cement Test Training Room, Concrete Performance Training Room, Bituminous Material Test Training Room, Bituminous Mixture Test Training Room, Soil Test Training Room, Roadbed and Road Surface Detecting Instrument Room, Bridge Detection Training Room, Software Application Training Room, Measurement Training Room, Geology Exhibition Hall, Metal Material Test Room, Railway Engineering Technology Training Room, etc.


Automobile School

It contains majors of automobile application technology, automobile technical service and marketing, automobile electronic technology, automobile reforming technology, marketing management, etc. It has various kinds of experimental and training rooms with a total area of more than 12,000 square meters; it is equipped with the automobile training equipment of a total value of about over 16 million. It was entitled as one of the first 5 pilot schools of “Skilled Personnel Education and Training Project in Chinese-German Automobile Mechanics and Electronics” by Ministry of Education in 2011.


School of Mechanics and Electronics

At the present, it has five majors of mechatronics technology, CNC technology, applied electronics technology, electronic mechanical equipment maintenance and management (harbor machinery) and so on, in which building intelligence engineering technology is the characteristic major at the provincial level. There are 5 professional teaching groups in CNC technology, mechatronics technology, electronic mechanical equipment maintenance and management (harbor machinery), building intelligence engineering technology and applied electronics technology. The school has 23 training rooms, in which electronic mechanical technology training base is the demonstration training base at the provincial level. There are 21 training bases outside the campus.


School of Mechanics and Electronics

School of Transportation Management

Information School

Marine School


Tuition fee: 6500~7500RMB/ one year

Accommodation fee: 1200RMB/one year


Application Materials:

1.The Photocopy of Passport (Pages with photo and address)(*.jpg,*.jpeg,*.png):Upload JPG format

2.High school transcript

3.High school diploma

4.Certificate of Non-criminal Record 

5.physical examination record


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