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Chinese Language Programs with Cheap Tuition Fee in Gorgeous City- Nanning, Guangxi
By sally on 2019-07-22

Location: Nanning, Guangxi Province



The University promotes culture inheritance and innovation and actively carries out international culture communication and exchanges. Since 1960, it has cultivated a large number of graduates from nearly 40 countries. The University has already established friendly ties with 165 universities or research institutes from 34 countries and regions such as United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Japan. In addition, the University promotes the teaching of Chinese language as foreign language to international students. In recent years, it has built two Confucius Institutes in Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, in Thailand and Tallinn University in Estonia.


Long-term Chinese Language Course:

Tuition fee:

2000.00 RMB/ 4 Weeks

2500.00 RMB/ 6 Weeks

3000.00 RMB/ 8 Weeks

5250.0RMB/ Semester

10500.00RMB/ Year


Accommodation Fee:

Single room:8000.00RMB/ Year      4000.00RMB/ Half a year

Double room: 4000.00RMB/ Year    2000.00RMB/ Half a year


Other fees:

Insurance Fee:

300.00RMB/ Half a year;   500.00RMB/ Year


Medical Examination Fee:

About 350.00RMB


Dining Fee:

about 750.00RMB/ Month

Book Fee/Semester About 400.00RMB


Age - limit for applicants: 18-60


Application materials:

1. University application form.

2. Passport ( biographical page, visa page, and The entry and exit pages)

3. If students have ever studied in China before, they need to provide “studying certificate” or “transfer certificate”.


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