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1+4 Scholarship Will Be Ended In This Month With Excellent Quality
By sally on 2019-07-08

Location: Beijing+Tianjin province 


The model of "1+4". Students receive intensive Chinese language practice as the preparatory course in BLCC for the first year to reach HSK4, and study specialized courses in Tianjin for the other four years.


Tuition Fees:

19,200 RMB per academic year for the first year in Beijing and 16,600 RMB per academic year for the other four years in Tianjin.

When accepted officially into the school, students should pay 2,000 RMB as the deposit and pay the rest of the fees for the first year upon enrollment.


Accommodation Fees:

3,600 RMB (four-person room) per academic year for the first year in Beijing and 15 RMB(four-person room) per day for the other four years in Tianjin.



Tianjin offers the scholarship for the four years, amounting to 30,600 RMB (full scholarship, including tuition subsidy of 16,600 RMB and living subsidy of 1,400 RMB per month covering 10 months) per year.


Major in Chinese for bachelor:

Mechanical Design, Manufacture & AutomationEnergy and Power EngineeringEngineering MechanicsIndustrial DesignMeasuring & Controlling Technologies & InstrumentsBiomedical EngineeringElectronic Science and Technology(Optoelectronics Direction) Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering Electrical Engineering and AutomationAutomationElectronic Information Engineering Internet of Things Engineering Communication EngineeringIntegrated Circuit Design and Integrated SystemElectronic Science and Technology (Solid State Electronics and Microelectronics) Computer Science and Technology Civil EngineeringHydraulics and Hydropower EngineeringHarbor, Coastal and Offshore EngineeringNaval and Ocean EngineeringArchitectureUrban and Rural PlanningEnvironmental DesignProcessing Equipment and Control Engineering Biological Engineering Pharmaceutical EngineeringMolecular Science and Engineering (joint degree program with Nankai University) Applied Chemistry(Engineering)Food Science and EngineeringMaterials Science and Engineering Materials Forming and Control EngineeringFunctional MaterialsInformation Management and Information SystemIndustrial EngineeringProject ManagementBusiness Administration Financial Management Electronic BusinessLogistics EngineeringFinanceApplied PhysicsApplied Chemistry (Engineering)Mathematics and Applied MathematicsPedagogy Building Environment & Energy Application Engineering Environmental Science Software EngineeringAnimationBiological ScienceMarine TechnologyChineseLaw.


Major in English for bachelor:

Environmental EngineeringPharmaceutical ScienceChemical Engineering (IchemE Accredited).


Students would be offered the course of Chinese language (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and Chinese culture for the first year and the specialized courses for the other four years.


Scholarship Conditions: 

During the first academic year, students should pass the HSK Level 4 with 180 points as the passing line. Otherwise, the scholarship would be revoked and they cannot advance into Tianjin unless they pass HSK Level 4 later in Beijing.

During the four years' study, students shouldn't fail in any courses. Otherwise, the scholarship would be revoked.


Recruitment Requirements: 

1.Candidates should be non-Chinese citizens, already obtain a high school diploma and aged between 18 and 35.


Application Materials: 

1.Original or certified high school diploma (a diploma in a language other than Chinese or English should be translated into Chinese or English and the translation has to be certified);

2.Original or certified high school transcripts (transcripts in a language other than Chinese or English should be translated into Chinese or English and the translation has to be certified);

3.Copy of passport of validity;

4.HSK transcript;

5.Certificate of no criminal record.


Application Duration

from March 1 to July 31 of each year.


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