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Full Scholarship for Four Years-Really Good Chance, Don't Miss it!
By shirly on 2019-07-04

Location: Yunnan province, a beautiful city.


Students with HSK5 can be exempted from tuition fees and accommodation fees for four years, and HSK4 can be exempted from tuition fees for one year(after HSK 5 is also exempted)!!!





Documents list for applying

1.   Application  Form

2.   Valid Passport with address page

3.   The newest visa

4.   Secondary & High school diploma(certificates)

5.   The newest visa

6.   Medical certificate

7.   Hsk certificate

8.   Transcript

9.   Photo

10.  Non  Criminal Record

11.  Insurance


1. Each student should provide at least number 12345689、10

2. We will give you an answer whether we accept your students or not in three work days after recieving your documents.

3. Firstly, we will give their admission letters if we accept your students. If students deciede to study in our university and we recieve 200 RMB per student as a promise, we will start to apply their JW202.

If you want to apply, please feel free to contact Shirly for more details:


Tel: 0086-15857187587

 Whatsapp: 8615068158042

Facebook: Shirly Guo

Twitter: Shilry81054676

Instagram: guo.shirly

Wechat: CUECC2

skype: teachcn


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