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Affordable Finance Courses in Universities Taught in English
By sally on 2019-05-15

1.Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang 


All courses taught in English, without Chinese language proficiency requirement. Outstanding infrastructure and facilities. Career Advantage: students of this major are very competitive with promising job prospects. A leading university have high international recognized. The International College boasts advanced academic facilities and enjoys an international atmosphere. 

Main courses for Bachelor:

Political Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Economics of Money and Banking, International Trade, International Finance, Security Investment, Insurance, Management of Commercial Banks, Central Banking, Theories and Practices of Investment Banks, and so on.

Career and Internship:

Graduates work in banks, financial institutes, foreign-related departments, industrial and commercial enterprises, economic and administrative authorities, universities and scientific research units, etc. Initial employment rate is over 90%. Moreover, students have opportunities to pursue master degrees for International Trade, Finance, Regional Economics or other majors in Ningbo University.

Fee structure:

Tuition fee:18000RMB/Y for 4 years

Application fee: 500 Yuan.

Accommodation fee:

Yangguang International Students Apartment:

Double Room: RMB 900 (Cost:CNY900/month/person for a double room.Please note that the cost does not include water or electricity.)

Single Room:

RMB 1,200 (Cost:CNY1200/month/person for a single room.Please note that the cost does not include water or electricity.)

Wong Chingmao International Student Dormitory (Yong Jiang Dormitory):

Double Room: RMB 4,000 (Cost:CNY4000/academic year/person for a double room.Please note that the cost does not include bedding,water or electricity.)

Quad room: RMB 2,500 (Cost:CNY2500/academic year/person for a quad room.Please note that the cost does not include bedding,water or electricity.)

Dormitory Building 5 & 8 (Public Bathroom per floor): Double Room: RMB 2,000 (Academic Year/Person).

International Student Dormitory on Meishan Campus: Double Room: RMB 4,000 (Academic Year/Person).


2. Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang  

This program aims to equip senior specialized financial professionals with, Basic economical theories and methods Operating mechanism of capital market Pricing model of various financial instruments Insurance theory Foundational calculus Risk management models Through two and half years of study, students are expected to be able to analyze management problems by using econometric and statistical methods, and possess the ability to do scientific research work independently and innovatively.

Main courses for Master:

Degree Courses: Introduction of China, Chinese, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Econometrics.

Compulsory Courses Investment, Financial Economics, Insurance, Financial Institution Management, Corporate Finance.

Elective Courses: Game Theory, Financial Data Mining, Financial Derivatives, Behavioral Finance, Fixed Income Securities, Corporate Theory, Actuarial Science, Sports, Chinese Writing.

Credits and Certification: Thirty-six credits are required, including dissertation. Qualified students will be granted certificates of graduation and Master Degree of Economics of Finance in the field of International Finance.

Fee structure:

Tuition fee:25000RMB/Y for 2.5 years

Application fee: 400 Yuan.

Accommodation fee:

International Student Apartment

Double RoomRMB 400 to RMB 650 (Per month, Room Appliances: Air-conditioner, Refrigerator,TV, Simmons mattress, Desk, WardrobeWater heater,Private bathroom, Public kitchen, Public laundryDeposit: 800 yuan/person; Water and electricity fees are at students' expense).

Quad room: RMB 250 (Per month, Room Appliances: Bed, Desk, Wardrobe, Water heater, Private bathroom,Public laundryDeposit: 500 yuan/person; Water and electricity fees are at students' expense).

Single Room: RMB 900 to RMB 1,100 (Per month, Room Appliances: Air-conditioner, Refrigerator,TV, Simmons mattress, Desk, WardrobeWater heater,Private bathroom, Public kitchen, Public laundry(Deposit:1,000 yuan/person; Water and electricity fees are at students' expense)).


3. Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong 


National leading university.

Finance ranked top 10 in China.

High-quality internationalized financial curriculum.

Better employment opportunities.

Good mentors and great learning environment.

Finance professionals help organizations find and manage the resources needed to grow, make investments and acquisitions, plan for the future, and manage existing assets. Finance professionals make investments, oversee long-range financial planning, acquire assets, and work with existing resources. A wide variety of companies and organizations employ finance professionals, ranging from nonprofits to government agencies to global corporations. Learners in the finance specialization will build the finance knowledge and skills needed to advance in the financial services industry or as finance professional within a public or private organization. Beyond expertise in finance, learners also demonstrate the management, interpersonal, and professional thinking skills to impact organizational effectiveness across all levels of their organization. Learners select elective courses based on their individual professional needs. The courses taught in English of this major offered by the School of Economics.

Main courses for Bachelor:

Compulsory: Advanced Mathematics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Principles of Statistics, International Finance, International Trade, Principal of Management, Commercial Law, Securities Investment, Money and Banking, Insurance, Corporate Finance, Financial Markets, Financial Econometrics.

Optional: Operation and Management of Commercial Banks, Financial Laws, Computerized Finance, Investment Banking, Financial theory of West Countries, Comparison of Financial System, Management of Financial Risks, International Payment and Settlement, Introduction to Behavior Finance, Central Banking, International Investment, Financial Engineering, Management of International Finance, Feasibility and Investment of Projects, Real Estate Finance, Analysis on Earning-fixed Securities, Financial Servicing and Marketing, Banking credit Management, Financial Accounting and Financial Analysis, Game Theory and Information Economics, International taxation, International Insurance.

Fee structure:

Tuition fee:28000RMB/Y for 4 years

Application fee: 200 to 600 Yuan.

Accommodation fee:

Zhong’ai Building: Single Room: RMB 6,200 (Per Person Per Semester).

Xinyi Building: Single Room: RMB 6,200 (Per Person Per Semester).

Du’xing Building: Double Room: RMB 6,000 (Per Person Per Semester.

Jing’shen Building: Double Room: RMB 6,000 (Per Person Per Semester).



4. Location: Taiyuan, Shanxi  


The university is widely recognized for its research, development and innovation.

In the University you will develop your specialist skills, deepen your understanding and gain new insight and perspectives to equip you for your career ahead.

The University provides the highest quality research and learning opportunities.

The school is a university co-developed by the State Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Shanxi Province.

The school has cultivated excellent expertise for the country and made an important contribution to the cause of educating people and revitalizing the nation.

The school has state key disciplines, state of the art laboratories and research centers, all of which have laid a profound academic and scientific research foundation for the university.

Main courses for Bachelor:

Students are required to complete the curriculum between 4-6 years and fulfill the designated number of credits.

Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with the bachelors degree, according to the regulation of the Degree Committee.

Fee structure:

Tuition fee:20000RMB/Y for 4 years

Application fee: 500 Yuan.

Accommodation fee:

Single room: 800RMB/person/month. 50 RMB/person/day.

Double room: 400RMB/person/month. 30RMB/person/day.



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