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Eligible application for Computer Science and Technology for Autumn in Different Locations
By sally on 2019-04-16

1. Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

I.Tuition fee:

Bachelor: Science and Engineering:15000; Non-Science and Engineering:14000 for 4 years.

Master: Science and Engineering 20000; Non-Science and Engineering 18000 for 2.5 years.

Doctor: Science and Engineering 25000; Non-Science and Engineering 24000 for 3 years.

Accomendation fee: 4,000 CNY per year


Bachelor Degree in full English

"Business Administration"

"Electronic Information Engineering"

"Computer Science and Technology"


Master Degree in full English

"Information and Communication Engineering"


PhD of "Information and Communication Engineering" in English .


Current 6 English taught programs:

Bachelor: Electronic Information Engineering

           Business Administration 

           Computer Science and Technology

Master: Information and Communication Engineering, MBA

Doctor: Information and Communication Engineering

II. The Requirements of Educational Background:

1. For those who pursue a bachelor's degree, the applicant must have a high school diploma, excellent performance during high school period, and good health. In principle, not older than 25years of age.

2. For those who pursue a master's degree,the applicant must have a related bachelor degree, excellent performance during under graduate study, and good health. In principle, not older than 35 years of age.

3. For those who pursue a doctor's degree,the applicant must have a related master degree, excellent performance during graduate study, and good health. In principle, not older than 40 years of age.

III. The Language Requirements:

Undergraduate and graduate admission should meet requirements of IELTS (above 5.5) or TOEFL (above 70) or English medium instruction. 

IV. The Application Materials

Bachelor applicant:

1. NJUPT application form

2. high school graduation certificate;

3. high school transcript;

4. passport;

5. passport-sized photo

6. resume; 


8. award certificate.

Master & PhD applicant:

1. NJUPT application form;

2. highest graduation certificate;

3. college transcript;

4. one recommendation letter;

5. resume;

6. study plan;

7. passport;

8. passport-sized photo;


10. award certificate.

Application period: February to May


2. Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Tuition fee:

Bachelor: Economics, Administration, Law, Literature: 18,000/Year; Science: 20,000/Year; Engineering: 24,000/Year; Art: 25,000/Year.

Master: Economics, Administration, Law, Literature: 25,000/Year; Science, Engineering: 28,000/Year; Art: 30,000/Year.

Doctor: Economics, Administration, Law, Literature: 30,000/Year; Science, Engineering: 33,000/Year; Art: 36,000/Year.

Accomendation fee:

Single room A: 1,100 yuan/month/person

Single room B: 900 yuan/month/person

Double room A: 650 yuan/month/person

Double room B: 400 yuan/month/person



Bachelor degree:  International Business; Hospitality Management; *International Economics   and Trade; *Economic Statistics; *Finance; *Computer Science and   Technology; *Electronic Business; *Logistics Management; *Communication   Engineering; Law; Business English


Master degree (2.5 years): Science of Business   Administration; Tourism Management; *Statistics; *Financial Statistics, Risk  Management and Insurance   Actuarial; *International Trade; *Finance; Environmental Science and   Engineering;  *Information and  Communication   Engineering; *Computer Science and  Technology;  *Management Science and  Engineering ;  *Logistics Engineering; Master of Laws (LLM); Administration  Management; Linguistics and Applied   Linguistics in Foreign  Languages;  Master of Business  Administration


Doctoral degree (3 years):

Science of Business  Administration; Accounting; *Finance;Food Science;Green Statistics and Environmental Assessment;*Statistics & Big Data;Circulation Economy and   Management; *Natural Resources  Statistics; *Financial Statistics, Risk  Management and  Insurance Actuarial


Note: Students in majors starred "*" can apply for School Scholarship;


Application Materials:

Notarized highest education certificate and academic transcripts. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English;

TOEFL or IELTS or other English Learning Certificates;


Two letters of recommendation from full professors or associate professors, in Chinese or English (master and doctor applicants required);

Photocopy of your passport and 2 photos, which size is as the same as in passport;

Foreigner Physical Examination Report (download);

Applicants who under the age of 18 should submit Letter of Authorization(download) and Guardian's Letter of Guarantee(download); guardian must be adult Chinese person or adult foreigners resided in China;

Receipt of application fee of 400 RMB yuan.

(Results of admission will come out in one month generally; Admission Notice will be sent from May, 2019.)


Application Period: from 1st March to 31th May



3. Location: Mianyang, Sichuan Province

Tuition fee:



Bachelor degree: 

Computer Science and Technology


Master degree: (2 years)

Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science and Technology; Control Science and Engineering; Environmental Science and Engineering; Information and Communication Engineering; Material Science and Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages; Physics; System Engineering


Doctoral degree: (3 years)

Control Science and Engineering; Environmental Science and Engineering; Biology; Material Science and Engineering


Application Materials: 

1.  ID photos

2. Passport front page and signature page

3. Certified highest diploma and transcript|(should be notarized and authenticated by related organizations)

4. Language proficiency certificate (IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550 or equivalence for English taught programs)

5. Study plan

6. Two academic reference letters (by professors/associate professors, master or phd students only)

7. Articles/papers written or published (if applicable)

8. Non-criminal record

9. Foreigner physical examination record

10. Application form

11. Assets certification

12. International students family information form


Application Period: from 11th March to 20th May




4.Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu Province 

Tuition fee:

Bachelor: 14800-16400RMB/Y

Master: 14800-16400RMB/Y

Doctor: 25000RMB/Y


Bachelor degree:

Food Science and Engineering; Bioengineering; Textile Engineering; Computer Science and Technology; Industrial Design; Business Administration; Nursing;


Master degree: (3 years)

Food Science and Engineering; Fermentation Engineering; Microbiology; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Sugar Engineering; Textile Engineering; Computer Science and Technology; Control Science and Technology; Electrical Engineering; Design; Pharmacy; Public Health and Preventive Medicine; Nursing;


Doctoral degree: (4 years)

Food Science and Engineering; Fermentation Engineering; Sugar Engineering; Textile Science and Engineering; Control Science and Technology; Design; Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology; Chemical Engineering and Technology

Application Materials: 

1.  ID photos

2. Passport front page and signature page

3. Certified highest diploma and transcript|(should be notarized and authenticated by related organizations)

4. Two academic reference letters (by professors/associate professors, master or phd students only)

5. Study plan (Master students: 800 words above; Phd: 1500 words above)

6. Assets certification

7. Foreigner physical examination record (validation should be within 6 months)

8. Language proficiency certificate (IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550 or equivalence for English taught programs)


Application Deadline: 20th April






5.Location: Putian, Fujian Province

Tuition fee:

Liberal arts:14000RMB/Y


Medical Courses: 21000RMB/Y


Bachelor degree:

Fine Arts; Art & Craft; Visual Communication Design; Environment Design; Tourism; Management; Human Resources Management; Public Affairs Administration; Nursing; Midwifery; Environmental Engineering; Biological Technology; Applied Chemistry; Food Quality and Safety; Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument; Mechanical Engineering and Automation; Electrical Engineering and Automation; Biomedical Engineering; Pre-school Education; Primary Education; Clinical Medicine; Accounting; Marketing; Finance Management; Electronic Business;; Mathematics and Applied Mathematics; Financial Mathematics; Physical Education; Sports; Entertainment; Civil Engineering; Engineering Management; Engineering Cost; Rural and Urban Planning; English; Japanese; Business English; Chinese Language and Culture; Advertising; Journalism; Computer Science and Technology; Electronic Information Engineering; Communication Engineering; Internet of Things Engineering; Pharmacy Medical Imaging Technology; Medical Laboratory Technology; Music; Music Performance

Application Materials: 

1. Basic documents

(1) Application Form for foreigners wishing to study in Putian University;

(2) A photocopy of valid passport;

(3) Physical Exam Record for Foreigners;

(4) Learning plan (more than 400 words);

(5) Financial Support Guarantee Statement;

(6) Certificate of No Criminal Conviction.

2. Other materials

(1) Language students: a photocopy of high school diploma;

(2) Undergraduates:

① Photocopies of high school diploma and certificate of high school performance;

② Photocopies of HSK certificates;

③Letters of recommendation ( one letter at least ).

Note: The notarization of the copies above is an obligation. In addition, the notarized English and Chinese translation versions of the above materials are both required if the materials are complete in other language than English. Documents are not to be returned after submission, so please make copies for your own reservs if needed.



All the courses are taught in Chinese. Students need to have HSK4 for the majors. If applicants don’t have HSK4, they need to study Chinese language first to get HSK4. The tuition for one year Chinese language is 12,000 CNY. The hostel is 2,600 CNY per year.

Application Deadline: 30th April


6. Location: Beijing+Tianjin province

The model of "1+4". Students receive intensive Chinese language practice as the preparatory course in BLCC for the first year to reach HSK4, and study specialized courses in TJU for the other four years.


Tuition Fees:

19,200 RMB per academic year for the first year in BLCC and 16,600 RMB per academic year for the other four years in TJU.

When accepted officially into MUFSP, students should pay 2,000 RMB as the deposit and pay the rest of the fees for the first year upon enrollment.


Accommodation Fees:

3,600 RMB (four-person room) per academic year for the first year in BLCC and 15 RMB(four-person room) per day for the other four years in TJU.


Major in Chinese for bachelor:

Mechanical Design, Manufacture & Automation、Energy and Power Engineering、Engineering Mechanics、Industrial Design、Measuring & Controlling Technologies & Instruments、Biomedical Engineering、Electronic Science and Technology(Optoelectronics Direction) 、Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering 、Electrical Engineering and Automation、Automation、Electronic Information Engineering 、 Internet of Things Engineering 、 Communication Engineering、Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated System、Electronic Science and Technology (Solid State Electronics and Microelectronics) 、 Computer Science and Technology 、 Civil Engineering、Hydraulics and Hydropower Engineering、Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering、Naval and Ocean Engineering、Architecture、Urban and Rural Planning、Environmental Design、

 Processing Equipment and Control Engineering 、 Biological Engineering 、Pharmaceutical Engineering、Molecular Science and Engineering (joint degree program with Nankai University) 、 Applied Chemistry(Engineering)、Food Science and Engineering、Materials Science and Engineering 、 Materials Forming and Control Engineering、Functional Materials、Information Management and Information System、Industrial Engineering、Project Management、Business Administration 、 Financial Management 、 Electronic Business、Logistics Engineering、Finance、Applied Physics、Applied Chemistry (Engineering)、Mathematics and Applied Mathematics、Pedagogy 、 Building Environment & Energy Application Engineering 、 Environmental Science 、Software Engineering、Animation、Biological Science、Marine Technology、Chinese、Law.


Major in English for bachelor:

Environmental Engineering、Pharmaceutical Science、Chemical Engineering (IchemE Accredited).


Students would be offered the course of Chinese language (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and Chinese culture for the first year and the specialized courses for the other four years.

Recruitment Requirements: 

1.Candidates should be non-Chinese citizens, already obtain a high school diploma and aged between 18 and 35.


Application Materials: 

1.Original or certified high school diploma (a diploma in a language other than Chinese or English should be translated into Chinese or English and the translation has to be certified);

2.Original or certified high school transcripts (transcripts in a language other than Chinese or English should be translated into Chinese or English and the translation has to be certified);

3.Copy of passport of validity;

4.HSK HSK transcript;

5.Certificate of no criminal record.


Application Duration:

from March 1 to July 31 of each year.



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