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Online Chinese lessons for you to learn Chinese

Summer is coming. Many foreign Chinese learners are finding an effective way to learn Chinese well and easily, especially, especially many parents want to take the opportunity to have some online summer Chinese lessons for their kids to learn Chinese in time. Actually, learning Chinese could be interesting and flexible. As you know, learning things you need to find skills so that you can struggle against adversity. And that’s it should be to learn Chinese language.

Now, this summer, experience an epic adventure in one of the world's fasting growing modern wonders - China.

Take these Chinese lessons for experiencing, and you will find it amazing and interesting to learn Chinese online.

Beginner Level/初级水平 (chū jí shuĭ píng):
A: 暑假有什么安排吗?
    (shŭ jià yŏu shén me ān pái ma?)
B: 暑假我参加中文暑期班学中文。
    (shŭ jià wŏ cān jiā zhōng wén shŭ qī bān xué zhōng wén.)

Learning Chinese Vocabulary(生词):
暑假 Shŭ jià: n summer holiday
安排 ān pái: n/v arrange
参加 cān jiā: v participate

n. 有什么安排 (yŏu shén me ān pái) / 没有安排 (méi yŏu ān pái) / 有安排了(yŏu ān pái le) Do you have any plans? / I have no plans? / I have plans.
v. 安排一下 (ān pái yī xià) Have an arrangement.

Above all, why not learn Chinese now? Enjoy the summer, enjoy learning Chinese. Got more questions? Visit http://www.echineselearning.com/ now!


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RE:Online Chinese lessons for you to learn Chinese

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