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2016 Study Chinese Language in China

    - Emergence of Chinese Language Craze

    - Learn Chinese, China is the top priority

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Emergence of Chinese Language Craze

Under the background of the reform and opening-up to the outside world, rapid expansion of China economy and improvement of social status as well as WTO entry and globalization, an increasing number of foreigners start tapping into the mystery of Chinese language. Mastering Chinese language is mastering a vital tool to communicate with 1.3 billion people and possessing a key to enter world’s economic market.

According to statistics, more than three thousands of people are learning Chinese by various channels, besides, more than 2,500 universities from 100 countries are putting on curriculum Chinese language. Ongoing momentum in social Chinese language training organizations also acts as significant evidence that more attention have been paid to Chinese language.

In recent years, Confucius Institutes that aim to popularize Chinese language education and culture communication have been established increasingly. Confucius Institute provides Chinese language enthusiasts and learners with most positive way of getting knowledge. What’s more, Chinese bridge establishes a brand new platform to know Chinese national conditions and customs and historical culture.

Qualification and Requirements to Study Chinese

Generally speaking, universities offer Chinese course in English medium. International students can choose university and different level of course in comply with their current Chinese proficiency. You can determine to choose rudimentary, intermediate, advanced Chinese course category or business Chinese, summer /winter vacation Chinese course.

Documents required include application form of the university and scanned copy of passport.