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Work Policy for Foreign Students after Graduation

How to carry forward the International Education in Hangzhou? Yesterday, Hangzhou Government Website has released a policy to ask for advice to the society . If there’s any suggestions , citizens can leave message on the website.


It is put forward that Hangzhou will establish the “ Resource and Service Platform for Foreign Teachers in Hangzhou”. The platform can operate both recruitment demand of middle and primary schools and applicants requirements of foreigners. The information of the demand will be filtered and matched in the platform and the recruitment procedure will be carried out step by step.



According to the Exposure Draft, since Feb.1, 2017, Hangzhou will carry on a number of pilot projects. One of the project is to promote the policy of foreign students working in Hangzhou after graduation. Excellent foreign students with master degree or above in Hangzhou’s universities, meet the requirements of certain position can directly stay in Hangzhou for work. At the same time, foreign students are encouraged to have the internship n Hangzhou for half a year. It can also be extended to one year if needed. Those primary and secondary schools and grouped schools will also carry on the pilot project for recruiting foreign teachers so to maximize the management and benefit of foreign teachers resources.


Otherwise, Hangzhou will also set up the mechanism of assessing the foreign teacher and put forward the bilateral satisfactory research of foreign teachers and schools. Also there will be the “Star” standardize through which foreign teachers can be listed in the red list and black list.



Good news for foreign students studying in Hangzhou. Known as “Paradise on Earth”, Hangzhou boasts enchanting landscape and rich cultural heritage. The Top Ten Scenic Spots of the West Lake each have their own unique charm, whether viewed up close or from a distance. Connecting them are the age-old and elegant bridges. The bridges are the very inspiration for the logo of the G20 Summit.


There are a number of top universities in Hangzhou, like Zhejiang University, China Academy of Art. Foreign students can learn both degree courses and non-degree courses while enjoying the beautiful landscape of Hangzhou. Up in the earth there is paradise, down on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou. Foreign students around the world are welcomed to study in China, study in Hangzhou.


The schools listed below are for your reference, any inquiries are welcomed regarding study in China.


浙江大学 Zhejiang University


中国美术学院 China Academy of Art


杭州师范大学 Hangzhou Normal University


浙江师范大学 Zhejiang Normal University


浙江农林大学Zhejiang A & F university 


浙江外国语学院Zhejiang International Studies University


浙江财经大学Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (ZUFE)


浙江科技学院  Zhejiang University of Science and Technology


浙江工商大学 Zhejiang Gongshang University


中国计量大学China Jiliang University


If you are interested in studying in Hangzhou, do not hesitate to contact study@cuecc.com for more information.